BLOTTED SCIENCE to Start Recording New Album in December

Blotted Science

Blotted Science on schedule to begin recording third release in December; guitarist Ron Jarzombek (Spastic Ink, Watchtower) releases first segment of Dissecting Bugs digital DVD.

Jarzombek states “Our last release, 2011′s The Animation Of Entomology was scored to bug movies, this time around the concept is viruses. No song titles have been locked up, but Virology likely will appear in the CD title. As of now, we have 37 minutes of completed material and bits of other tunes on which we are working at the moment. So we are well on our way to having enough music for a full-length CD.

We are taking a bit of a different approach in terms of song writing, and production on this CD. The tech and brutality will still be there, but we are distributing the writing and production duties more evenly between band members. So Hannes‘ (Grossmann – ex-Necrophagist, Obscura) and Alex‘ (WebsterCannibal Corpse, Conquering Dystopia) writing input on our next release will be more present, adding a bit of a different element to our sound. We will also have some drastic changes in our production, so we’re pretty stoked about this next release.

As many Blotted Science fans know, I’ve been working on an instructional DVD called Dissecting Bugs on which I will play all of the guitar parts on The Animation Of Entomology and explain in theoretical, animated detail the 12-tone system that was used to write the EP.

I was originally planning on releasing a physical DVD, but just recently decided to go all digital, and release the DVD in segments. Plus, it’s 2014, the digital age!

The first segment released is A Sting Operation – I. Human Barbequed, which is track 5 on The Animation Of Entomology. Check out the preview below. 

The A Sting Operation – I. Human Barbequed video set contains 7 HD mp4 videos totaling over 18 minutes. All guitar parts to Human Barbequed played at 100% speed and at 70% speed, breaking down the ‘A Sting Operation’ 12-tone clock with analysis, the themes used to construct the song, and the lead/melodies/solo analysis. Complete notation/tab are also included.

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