BLIND EGO: New Single & Live Concert Video Out Today

BLIND EGO: New Single & Live Concert Video Out Today

Blind Ego is the solo project of Kalle Wallner, the guitarist in leading German prog rock act RPWL. The full length version of “Tears And Laughter” can be found on his recently released third album, Liquid. The song also closed a recent show at the Logo Club in Hamburg, which is presented today as a full length concert video. You can watch it below.

Hamburg. The air is salty. A stiff breeze is blowing. It’s the calm before the storm. The tide is rising. The wave is gaining speed. German Rock high-flyers Blind Ego embarked on a tour of central Europe in January 2017, including several shows in their home territory. The current album by the solo project of RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner carries the concise yet auspicious title ‘Liquid’, but despite the hints in this name, Hamburg had no idea what was about to hit it. However, following a show at the city’s Club Logo, one thing had become crystal clear: Southern Germany’s Blind Ego had conquered the pearl of the north in unstoppable fashion. Like a mighty wave.

In this live recording the band – consisting of Scott Balaban (vocals), Michael Christoph (drums), Sebastian Harnack (bass), Julian Kellner (guitar) and, of course, Kalle Wallner (lead guitar) – proves itself to be the strongest Blind Ego line-up ever, with each individual musical element constantly striving to push the boundaries in a captivating 90 minute performance containing the very best material from the three albums by one of mainland Europe’s most acclaimed guitarists.

The Hamburg show displays a band at the height of its game: rarely has European Metal-influenced Prog Rock been performed in a more energetic, enthusiastic and technically refined manner. The concert was filmed without a single cut as a one-shot-video in 4K-quality and is now accessible to stream via YouTube.


1. A Place In The Sun
2. Obsession
3. Not Going Away
4. Don’t Ask Me Why
5. Never Escape The Storm
6. Death
7. Hear My Voice Out There
8. Speak The Truth
9. Blackened
10. What If
11. Tears And Laughter

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