The Blessed Beat

Sophisticated, extraordinary trialogue of experienced improvisers creating their trans-genre & tranversal musical collage inspired by Charles Bukowski ́s text “The Copulating Mermaid Of Venice” with cover made by worldwide awarded artist Peter Kocák.

They do not play to illustrate this novel, but to make real the various (im)possi- ble, rhizomatic connections between surprising sounds and tones – only this way they can remind us tense atmosphere of this writer. However, first of all, The Blessed Beat tries to go beyond… – not only beyond of this literary text, but beyond the space of binarities to find something “in between them”.

The music here is either massive, uncompromising aggressive (in kind of poly- rhythmical and brutal sonic tsunami) or flowing sonoristically introverted, but you can feel and have a hunch that there is something more, which moves us to the otherness of unknown, adventurous, sometimes quite disquieting world where nothing is stable and expectable.

The specific immediate, instant, intuitive musical communication of David, Simone and Paolo can overlaps your expectations because they are able to ex- press ineffable meanings of something “beyond and between”.

Slovakian guitarist and composer David Kollar has released nine expansive albums, scored 18 films and worked on many multimedia projects. His last recording, 2013’sThe Son, an atmospheric, emotionally-charged effort, received accolades from Guitar Moderne, France’s A Decovrir Absolument and the Czech and Slovak Radio Head awards. He’s also worked with Eivind Aarset, Pat Mastelotto, Gergo Borlai, Bjorn Charles Dreyer and Lenka Dusilová.

Trumpeter Paolo Raineri takes his instrument and processes it in real-time to create ethereal, otherworldly sounds. The Italian musician combines Scandinavian nu-jazz influences with psychedelic rock, experimental and free improvisation in his award-winning Junkfood 4et. In addition, he performed with Stefano Battaglia, Berserk!, KoMaRa (w Pat Mastelotto), Baustelle, Calibro 35, Nada, Enrico Gabrielli and Tommaso Colliva.

Due to his versatility, Italian drummer Simone Cavina plays with many different musical projects, ranging from radical improvisation to avant rock, through jazz, funk and songwriting. His musical research is leading him through electroacustic and electronic music, allowing him to enlarge his musical inspiration and his drumming style in brand new territories. He played and collaborated, among others, with Junkfood 4et, Berserk!, Yuppie Flu, Iosonouncane, Incident on South Street, Stefano Battaglia, Luisa Cottifogli, Mauro Patricelli.

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