Interview with Martin Spacosh of BETWEEN THE PLANETS

Between the Planets
Czech prog metal/djent trio Between the Planets have recently released a single titled “Energy of Wishes,” which also marks transition from one-man project of Martin Spacosh to a full band. Martin answered our questions on the change, the new single and future plans.

Define the mission of Between the Planets.

Well we wouldn’t exactly call it a “mission“ but we simply want to create an enjoyable music and if the others like it, all the better!

You have just released a new single titled “Energy of Wishes,” a song that for the first time includes a full band. Do you think that you gained on diversity by employing real musicians?

They feed the players give each band is always another dimension. In BETWEEN THE PLANETS, drummer and bassist have his parts partially defined but due to their own interpretation, dynamics, emotion and so everyone gives music its view on the matter and thus adds to the overall diversity.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when working on the new song?

The challenges are always the same: create new interesting song different from the previous ones to some extend and repeat yourself as little as possible.

Creatively speaking, what has changed since the debut single “Spectral Horizon” in 2012?

Well, first of all the one-man project turned into three-man band, which is capable of presenting the material in a live environment. The thought of turning the original project into something more than that was unthinkable for me at the start of it all.


What is the reception from audiences on your live performances like?

There were only few live performances as of now, but the ones we did so far always received more than good reception of the audience. We will do all we can to make this trend continue in this way.

For those who haven’t see you live, what can they expect at your show?

People can expect faithfully presented performance which doesn’t lack energy as well as strong atmosphere.

When do you plan to release your second studio album?

I guess release of the new album will in the first half of 2016. At this moment we are in the phase of preparation.

What kind of gear do you use in studio and live?

Let’s start with a guitar: in studio I use various amp simulations (Kemper Profiler + various VST plugins), live I use Hughes & Kettner amp, the guitar is Carvin DV727 (custom modified to fit my needs) and Fender Telecaster 52 Reissue . The bass used on the new single was Warwick FNA5 + SWR amp. The same is used for live occasions. Drums used live and in studio are Tama Starclassic (toms made of maple, bass drum made of bubinga), snare is custom-made here in Czech Republic by Hanuš & Heřt and cymbals are made by Sabian.

How do you see prog metal in 2015?

I think there will be more experiments with fusions of multitude of different genres. Including those that may seem incompatible at first sight.

What are your plans for the future?
Play great gigs and prepare a great second album.

Between the Planets online:

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