BARRY WEINBERG Reveals Track Listing and Album Art for “Samsarana”

Barry Weinberg - Samsarana

January is coming! Prog Rock singer-songwriter Barry Weinberg is ready to launch his debut full-length release Samsarana. This personal achievement that’s been in the works for years packs 75 minutes on 15 songs. The full track listing and album art are announced today.

With a full grasp of stunning emotions and superior dramatic compositions, the South Florida-based musician has certainly a lot to display on Samsarana. With two stylistically different singles being revealed so far, the album has all predispositions to be labeled as a multifaceted release.

Weinberg commented: “Samsarana’ is the story of a Creator creating a world to experience life only to find it was not exactly what was expected. The image on the cover, designed by German artists, Stefan Wewers and Nicole Unverrict, represents Creation. If you look closely in the sun, you can actually see music from the album. There is also a 13 page lyric booklet with an art piece created for each song by Stefan which will soon be available for download on our website.

Samsarana could also be described as auto-biographical release, written by Weinberg who also performs all guitars, keyboards, bass and vocal parts on the record, with the exception of drums which were recorded by Glenn Welman in South Africa. The album was mixed and mastered at World Beat Group in Southwest Ranches, Florida by Jorge Guzman.

Guzman said: “The music of ‘Samsarana’ spoke to me from the very beginning, so the mixing process was very organic and straight forward. In every track, you’ll find something non-predictable. It does make it a very interesting album. Very solid vocals and guitar solos. The musical textures are very contrasting between them. And the flow of the album is very entertaining and dynamic.”

Samsarana will be released in January 2018. You can hear first two singles for “Beyond the Astral Sky” and “Come Out and Play” on Soundcloud, and they are also available from CD Baby.

Samsarana Track Listing:

1. Conception (instrumental)
2. Creation
3. Welcome to My World
4. This Vicious Circle
5. Come Out and Play
6. Beyond the Astral Sky
7. Taking It All
8. Endless Sea
9. A Passage of Time
10. Perception (instrumental)
11. You Cannot Burn the Fire
12. Come My Way
13. The Way
14. Inception (instrumental)
15. Reception

For more info visit Barry Weinberg’s official website.

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Barry Weinberg - Samsarana

Barry Weinberg – Samsarana

South Florida Prog Rock Songwriter BARRY WEINBERG Launches “Beyond the Astral Sky” Single

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