BARRY WEINBERG Drops New Single “This Vicious Circle”

Barry Weinberg - This Vicious Circle

Barry Weinberg is back with the third single taken from his upcoming debut album Samsarana – out January 24th. Listen to it below or on Soundcloud.

“This Vicious Circle” sets the stage lyrically for what happens in the rest of the album. The song features Weinberg singing over the folk acoustic guitar line and keyboard which adds on depth, creating a dramatic atmosphere throughout the track.

Weinberg commented: “The irony that life often takes unexpected, un-planned twists and turns is what ‘This Vicious Circle’ is all about. Although the intensity of the lyrics called for a heavy metal tone, I wanted to play a ‘musical joke.’ So the music I wrote for the song expresses this irony through a light, almost folk-y backdrop for the lyrics.

Samsarana is a Sanskrit term literally meaning “the wandering,” and refers to the Hindu concept of the endless cycles of birth, life, death, birth, life, death,etc. Before launching new single “This Vicious Circle,” Weinberg released two stylistically different singles for “Beyond the Astral Sky” and “Come Out and Play.”

Hear “This Vicious Circle” below or on Soundcloud, and order it from CD Baby. Track listing and album artwork for Samsarana can be seen below.

Samsarana Track Listing:

  1. Conception (instrumental)
  2. Creation
  3. Welcome to My World
  4. This Vicious Circle
  5. Come Out and Play
  6. Beyond the Astral Sky
  7. Taking It All
  8. Endless Sea
  9. A Passage of Time
  10. Perception (instrumental)
  11. You Cannot Burn the Fire
  12. Come My Way
  13. The Way
  14. Inception (instrumental)
  15. Reception

For more info visit Barry Weinberg’s official website.

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