ANUBIS Release New Video Single “White Ashes”

ANUBIS Release New Video Single "White Ashes"

Australian Progressive Rock band Anubis will release a brand new studio album Homeless - described by vocalist and guitarist Douglas Skene as “an ’80s smorgasboard of chorused guitars, propulsive echo, Collins inspired megatoms and soaring stadium hooks” - on March 10th 2020. Ahead of release, the band have unveiled the third video single to be pulled from the album – “White Ashes”! Watch the video below.

More than firmly dipping its toes into the sonic landscapes of the 80s, “White Ashes” is described by Skene as “probably the most ‘neo’ track of the record, with an anthemic chorus and gently delivered vocals over hypnotic rhythms.”

Despite initially being penned as a loose lament on inert leadership and corrupt intent, “White Ashes” adopted a far more potent meaning for Anubis in the wake of the recent fires that ravaged the Australian landscapes. Witnessing the utter devastation on their very own doorsteps, the imagery of “White Ashes” took on a whole new and very prescient life.

“Of course, we had no idea of the events that would unfold here, but ‘White Ashes’ has become such an important song on the record for us. It’s spookily prophetic,” remarks keyboardist and lead vocalist David Eaton, before continuing on to explain the musical influences behind their latest single.

“Musically it channels a ‘Seasons End’ era Marillion vibe – the chorused guitars and big analog pads. Marillion have been my favourite band since high school and it feels very much flavoured that way. The vocal melodies soar in a very familiar way.”

Featuring on their forthcoming studio album, Homeless is the first Anubis album to be written specifically with the LP format in mind, with two ‘sides’ of continuous music spread over nine songs.

‘Homeless’ will release on March 10th, 2020.

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