ANDY TILLISON: The New Tangent "Project" Is Already In Process

After it was previously announced that the status of the UK progressive rock band The Tangent is put on hold, its mainman Andy Tillison has issued recently an update in the band’s Facebook group, saying that he is already working on a new Tangent project that will be released in mid-2013. Here’s the full message from Tillison:

It may not have escaped your notice that something is going on. The Tangent is currently recording yet another “most ambitious project yet” and development is well under way. There ARE a few beta testers who have been listening to the new piece… a nearly one hour long electric symphonia in three main movements with a short prologue. There have been a few hints dropped about some of the subject matter (there’s been a lot of ANTS references for example).

OK – at this point, as we seem to have given someone the impression that The Tangent is over it’s time to let you all know that nothing could be further from the truth. The past four weeks have been filled with a big push forward on the new piece and seen Jonathan Barrett back in the Tangent studio complaining about the mess and playing some typically fluid and lucid bass guitar parts. The whole album has been demoed (by just me) and some of our readers have been offered a chance to hear the stuff for a couple of months. In the south of England, our old friend Jakko is going through the material with a view to playing guitar and singing on the album (subject to his tight schedule we’ll keep you posted on this one), Theo awaits the arrival of the tracks for his demanding role on this album and a bit further towards the North David Longdon (Big Big Train) is listening through to the work with a view to accepting my invitation to him to grace us with his formiddable larynx as part of the vocal arrangements. Let’s hope he likes it…


This WILL be more of a project album than its predecessor. At present we have ideas for the live unit which we must keep feasibly local, but at present we are concentrating on the studio work. As an album, well we’ve always denied that our albums have been concept albums. But this one IS. It’s a working day, in this instance in England, but could be anywhere. Unashamedly inspired by Stravinsky & Holst, ELP, Jon Lord, VDGG & Yes this is our first full foray into the bombastic and supposedly pompous world of what some might call Classical Rock. However, we’ve tried to keep the orchestral elements as part of the Tangent Sound rather than just handing over to the orchestra, in much the same way as we did on Earnest, Full Gamut & Live On Air. It’s a more demanding listen than some of our older work. It’s not in any way less PROG. It’s about things that happen now, about our lives in this world. It’s less Metal and more Mahler. It’s keyboard and lyric driven.We’re aiming for a mid 2013 release, almost certainly with some special deluxe version.

Within the next few days I’m going to be launching a pre -pre-sales page where people can get on board in helping this thing to fruition. People who get involved in that will have an opportunity to hear substantial parts of the album in its current state from the off.

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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