Allflaws Release New Album “Versus The Soul”

Versus the soul net flyer copy

Experimental Bristol act Allflaws have released their eagerly awaited 3rd studio album Versus The Soul.

The new album is released on UK label Derelict State Records and is a well timed continuation and extension to their 2012 EP release R Complex. Allflaws are the creation of vocalist and producer Gabriel Curran, and have formulated their very own edgy and progressive music style which intelligently fuses together elements of industrial, rap, breakbeat, punk, electronica, trip hop and IDM. The eclectic and brooding Allflaws arrangements are structured primarily around the evocative wordplay of Curran, who’s rapped vocals form the distinctive focal point, signature and identity of the overall sound.

Amidst the hyperbole and sometimes futile expectation, the new LP Versus The Soul promises to continue proclaiming Allflaws as one of the next generation of talents from the notorious Bristol music scene. A unique creative hub which has spawned innovative maestros such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky and Roni Size.


The Cycle
Icons and Devils
End of the Tunnel
Yin and Yang
R Complex
The Visitor

You can check out the new album at the link below:
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