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viseMenn may be a relatively new name to the progressive music scene at large, but they consist of some very experienced musicians. Coming from backgrounds including everything from punk to classical, metal, church music and jazz, viseMenn have congregated to bring a sort of music that is ultimately song-based, but basks in a wealth of atmosphere. Many thanks to viseMenn for taking the time to answer these questions.

From where does your band name originate? The way you’ve stylized it (as one word with an upper-case in the middle) has a nice aesthetic flair to it.

The band name has gone through some transformations over time and had it’s own life of some sort but what we can tell you is that it is Norwegian and that it means “Wisemen”.

You guys met via your mutual collaboration in the improv band a crack in time and the Break of Dawn. Do you think this musical context of meeting has informed the way your new band’s sound has turned out?

Absolutely, it’s the same DNA. Jamming and improvising has also made us better instrumentalists and improved our focus and presence in the musical performance. The pure spontaneous joy of performing/creating music becomes very obvious and is an essential part of our musical motivation. Also we have become more aware of ways of creating variation in the music without necessarily using chord changes.

Your site bio says you are all coming from very different fields musically. Can you tell me a bit about that?

Well, we all come from different parts of the country and we all had been involved in different musical projects before we met, ranging from blues, rock, experimental, metal, classical, punk, pop, church-music, session-work, art-projects.. the list goes on. When we come together we start with a basic sketch for a song, everybody brings their interpretations and personal style to the table and together that is what makes viseMènn.

Begging You Please

Your single “Begging You Please” brings to mind a lot of comparisons. Pink Floyd, Mew or even Alcest might come to mind. What bands would you say have most influenced you?

This is a very though question since we all have our own personal influences and backgrounds and we have never really sat down and agreed or discussed who or what we want to sound like, we just make it happen and don’t worry too much about who it sounds like or doesn’t sound like. If we like it, we like it. Having said that there are always the bands that brought our attention to music in the first place, even though our tastes, maturity and life-experience are inevitably evolving and becomes a bigger part of the equation. Of those can be mentioned: Queen, Iron Maiden, Radiohead, Toto, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Eric Johnsen, Coldplay, Nirvana, early Muse, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Metallica. + a lot of club music and other pleasant/unconscious brainwash.

Why did you choose the song “Begging You Please” as a single? What about it do you think makes it stand above your other work?

Well, we think it is a great song! It had matured for a long time, we were happy with the recording and felt confident about releasing it. We like to think that the material we have in the pipeline is no inferior only different.

What’s the experience of playing live like? What kind of reception have you received so far?

Great fun! Love meeting people. People have been very generous, and we have gotten some great reviews of which we are very grateful.


What lies in the future for viseMenn?

Right now we focus on our next single release. We just came back from a fantastic trip to Toronto, Canada, where we played several gigs. Now we sleep and attend our families for a bit.

What advice would you give to other musicians, whether it be technical or creatively-oriented?

Have fun, play a lot, get hold of good instruments, work on the basic simple things as well and don’t just skip to the advanced fun stuff, find your own voice and forget about the noise!

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