Vile Display of Humanity

Vile Display of Humanity prove that an old trick can still back a punch. Here’s a band that finds a home at the familiar crossroads of thrash and hardcore punk. A big thanks to the band for taking the time to answer some questions I had regarding the band and their craft.

Calling yourselves Vile Display of Humanity suggests a lot of anger and misanthropy. What do you think ultimately drives the music you guys are making together?

Our shared frustration with the social injustice between the entitled, and the hard working. The greed and corruption of big business being too strong of an influence on government. The dissipation of a real human experience, as more ignorantly hide behind political correctness and technologies.

Vile Display of Humanity’s style is a crossroads between a lot of things, thrash and punk chief among them. Did this grasp of style come about as a combination of your respective influences?

Definitely, we grew up together listening to most of the same music. We all had our tendencies to lean to a certain style, so when we would write a song together, whoever came up with a certain part, had that certain style. Hence our songs have a mix genre feel.

Your ideas are fast and frequent; what was the process behind the songwriting? There’s a surprising level of density in your guys’ songwriting that isn’t done justice by only one or two listens.

First of all, thank you. We usually have our acoustic guitars, and have a general idea of what to write about, usually something recent in the news our in our lives. We just keep playing the song over and over, and keep talking out the story.


One of my favourite things about the new album is the way you make relatively short songs flow together so well. It keeps the album energetic, but also rewards listeners who decide to stick around for the whole thing. How are you wanting the music to be listened to by fans?

Loud… and live. There was some thought on the order of songs for sure, but there wasn’t that much of a focus on it. Just blast it and get angry, the slow acoustic song at the end means it’s time to go bed.

Seattle’s been a longstanding hub of heavy music for a long time. How is the scene faring these days? How would you say you fit into the subculture?

Diminishing, as it is the fastest growing city in the United States, and the crowd coming in is the well-to-do type. All the surrounding areas like Olympia and Portland are still amazing, crowds go crazy.

For this self-titled release, what have you done different compared to Beaten, Bandaged & Ready?

Our previous albums were done in the studio, which meant rushing through the songs and trying to get them done. Studios are expensive.

With this release we had time to record, and focus on the overlaying melodies on the tracks.

Vile Display of Humanity

What would you say are the biggest problems facing Western society today?

We can talk forever about this, but to point out the most important points, to be able to detach from social media and become a part of a community again. A focus on education, and a redistribution of wealth. An old saying, you can’t have a minimum wage without a maximum, otherwise everything just shuffles upward.

What have you been listening to lately, otherwise?

Born Against, the Misfits, the Enabler.

 Any plans for the future?

A 2016 tour, and another E.P. Maybe release this album on vinyl.

“Vile Display of Humanity” is available from Bandcamp. Follow the band on Facebook.

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