UNCURED: Journey Through Beauty and Brutality

Interview with Zak Cox of Uncured

What do you get when three talented young musicians work together to form a trio? Well, you get Uncured, a band formed by two brothers, Zak and Rex Cox and Max Portnoy, son of the legendary drummer Mike Portnoy. We had this fine interview with Zak, talking about their new EP ‘Spontaneous Generation,’ composition, life and music goals, and the help given by Mike Portnoy himself.

You’ve just released your first EP, how do you feel about it?

Yes, we have just released our first EP Spontaneous Generation! We are very excited for our record to be heard around the world. This record marks our entrance into the music community, and when someone hears our music, we want them to be taken on a journey through parts of beauty and brutality. Most importantly, we want to establish ourselves on the map and hope to get fans that will take an interest in Uncured for the next few decades! In preparation for our release, we have posted 3 music videos on YouTube that have already accumulated over 50 thousand views. Rex and I also put together solo play through videos where we teach how to play our favorite solos from the record in order to give more content for fans that want to learn our songs! Here is a link to our YouTube channel!

You’re really young, what does inspire you to do music? Which bands do you look up to?

Rex (16), Max (17), and I (18) are all full time musicians. We all have dropped out of high school in order to pursue our dreams of becoming professional musicians! We are inspired to make music that we enjoy, but also that other people will enjoy. We like making music that is technical and complicated, but then resolves with easy grooves. Our biggest influences are Opeth, Dream Theater, Soilwork, Meshuggah, Riverside, along with many other great bands!

Spontaneous Generation, debut EP by Uncured

You’re collaborating with Max Portnoy, what kind of ideas does he brings to the project?

Our record was initially recorded to sequenced drums. We then sent our songs to Mike Portnoy and he loved our music so much that he had his son Max Portnoy drum on it! Max helped develop the drum parts from being sequenced to giving them more of a live feel and adding excitement. When rehearsing with Max, he was able to make the parts groove.

Are you planning a release party for The EP?

On the release of the EP, we had a celebration with family and close friends. The fan engagement, excitement, and great reviews made the release all the more special!

Whose idea was it to form the band as a trio?

Rex and I have been writing music for over 5 years, and when we recorded our record, we decided that we would love live drums, and Max is a great drummer that jumped for the opportunity. Rex and I wrote the entire EP ourselves, and it was produced by our father, Mitch Cox, the owner of Conclave Studios.

Uncured band

Who writes the music? Single person or all of you? Are you going to find a singer or continue to be instrumental?

Rex and I have almost finished writing our second record! It will be a full length album with vocals! Rex and I both sing. We will have a variety of clean, driven, and harsh vocals, and even some harmonies. We are really excited about our new material. We feel that it is still in the same vein as Spontaneous Generation, but our best work to date!

Give us your thoughts about your ideas on the current music industry.

The music industry has greatly changed with streaming services like Spotify and similar sites and record sales are decreasing, making it harder to be successful as a musician. But we believe that with hard work and dedication combined with years of touring, we will be able to do well in a difficult industry.

Spontaneous Generation by Uncured is available now; order a copy at www.uncuredband.com. Follow Uncured on Facebook.

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