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Brno based instrumental rock quartet, Ucan2 have been around 2010, and they are preparing to unleash a new single that announces their second studio album, a follow-up to 2012′s “Air.” We talked with the band about the band’s mission, creative process of their debut album, and future.

Define the mission of Ucan2.

Ucan2 music takes you through a wide variety of musical moods from heavier rock tunes to soul injecting feelings and imagination. Our songs are easy to listen to and are easy to understand once you free your mind. There are no texts which could push your thoughts in some way. Our music gives you the opportunity and choose where you want to be taken.

What does the band’s name mean?

The bands name Ucan2 comes from Australia where Petr lived and studied guitar. His music teacher, who traveled and helped Petr’s band and the school orchestra, had a van and this was the plate number. Since Petr now lives in Czech Republic he thought that it would be a great name for the band and a gratitude to the teacher who thought Petr how to love and understand music.

Ucan2 - AirTell me about the creative process that informed your debut album “Air”.

Over the few year of our existence we had a live set list of songs which we performed but what we did was to ask the fans what songs they want to listen at home, then it was just about recording them.

How did you document the music while it was being formulated?

Once we had some songs which we were sure about, we always jumped into the studio for a one day session just to hear what we made up, but you know now a days you have such technology that we started to record in our rehearsal room, practically every band practice. You never know what might the session bring and this way we can always return to it and start working on it.

You are about to unleash a new single that announces your next full-length record. What can you tell me about the single?

Yes thats right and we are very exited about it, we can’t wait what our fans and people what will be their reaction. The single is called Pompeii and it sort of tells you what will be the name our record. The single has 3 different parts which are connected together. This time we tried a different look of our music since we evolve as people and as musicians it was a very natural step forward for us.

What can we expect from the Air’s follow-up?

The planed release of the our 2nd record called Fire is the end of this year. We have a plan to release 4 records which will be connected together by one idea, 4 elements, AIR, FIRE, WATER and EARTH. By the release of the 4 record you can put them all together. The 4th record will have a special feature, a manual in which order to play songs and their names will them give the fans a message from us to them.

Which bands or artists influence your work?

For the four of us the list would be endless :) but we have great friends in the music camp who help us and we thank them for every little thing and its because of them where we are now. We listen to everything which we think at the moment can give us peace and make us happy, no limits.

How does a Ucan2 live show look like? What is the reaction of audiences on your music?

We are now heading towards our 150th gig which is great in these times. We are mainly about the music, no fireworks or something like that. :) Usually our show is about 50min ‘cause when we use to play 90min we got the impression that our fans don’t concentrate towards the end of the show and their minds just can’t take it so we decided to go for a shorter version and it seems to be paying of. Our audience is very specific due to the music we play but our fan base is growing and that just shows us that we are making music that people understand and like, a great feeling for us.


What kind of gear do you use for recording your music?

We use Pro Tools and Positive Grid for guitar and bass sound. The drums are recorded the standard way like in the old days.

What is your view on technology in music?

Yeah we ourselves asked this question before recording the second album Fire and came up with a great idea how to record and how to cut down the costs, so the Positive Grid app was the best solution to go for. During live performances we use a sampler for the piano and effect sounds, the technology and the new sounds just give us more space where to go to in music which is great.

Do you see the band’s music as serving a purpose beyond music?

It is our life style and it’s a part of us. The music that we make, well there are moments in the creating process during which we just look at each other and we just know that this is it, man!

What are your plans for the future?

Well beside our crazy plan of 4 elements records, more touring in Europe and hopefully Japan next year, we are looking forward to that very much.

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