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Australian prog scene is full of great bands, and it’s just the matter of time when media will start using the APM abbreviation. Therein from Brisbane have been around for a few years now, and so far they produced an album titled “Nobelium” in 2013, which was recently re-released with new songs. The band is already working on new material, and about this all we talked with guitarist Ryan Boyd. 

In 2013 you released “Nobelium,” and now two years after you decided to re-release the album with bonus tracks. Why not a new album but re-released version of “Nobelium”?

We’re actually working on a new album, however we still had these songs that we felt belonged to the Nobelium era. We also needed to print another run of Nobelium, so it just made sense to add the songs. It also gave us an opportunity to give our fans something better.

What are the differences between the two album versions, except for the added songs?

All the tracks have been remixed and remastered. We felt that we needed to bring out some of the subleties that were lost in the old mix, as well as bringing a bit of clarity to the denser sections. Everything is unchanged, it just sounds better!

NobeliumWhy did you choose “The Triune Brain” as a single from the re-issue? The overall atmosphere of the song is different than your older material. Is this in some way a new chapter for the band?

Being only a 4 minute track, it just made sense for it to be the “single”. The subject matter called for more aggression to get the point across. So the song may feel a little different, but I wouldn’t call it a new chapter. We might do a Disco album yet, who knows?

I am really impressed by the oriental and kinda folk approach in your work. Who is to “blame” for this?

Individually we have pretty eclectic tastes, and these influences often make their way into the music we write. I think Folk music is one of the many things that is shared among our influences, so it sometimes makes itself more apparent. So really, it’s everyone’s fault.

It’s said that you are working on the new material. How far are you from completing the work on it? Can you give us any clues how it is going to sound, and what are your expectations from it?

Yes we are! We have a hectic writing and recording schedule for the rest of the year, and will be announcing the release date early next year. It’s hard to give clues about the sound, but we are being a bit ambitious on this next release.

Plenty of big ideas and things we’ve never tried before. We expect to have something that will challenge us in the studio and even moreso live, and to just make a great record.

What are your plans in terms of touring in the future? Will you be visiting Europe any time soon?

Early 2016 we are touring nationally to support the release our next album, and after being in Europe this summer and seeing some of the festivals – it’s definitely in our sites. It’s something that we want to be a part of, given the opportunity. We can’t wait to drink our way across Europe.

Over the past few years the Australian prog scene has drastically improved with many new great bands. Where do you think this love between prog rock/metal and Aussies comes from?

The Australian Prog Rock/Metal scene has always been strong. It’s not necessarily better these days, just more popular. It’s branched out from being somewhat underground, and into more popular styles. Technology also plays a part, giving people a medium to find pretty much whatever they want.

Where does the love come from? Australia has no love. Only sunburn and drop bears.

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What other Australian bands can you recommend?

Sydney based guitarist James Norbert Ivanyi is the tits. Check him out.

If you are asked to pick one band that influenced Therein the most, which band would that be?

Frank Zappa.

How would you describe your music to somebody who didn’t hear you before?

It’s like the satisfaction of cheese on toast.

What is your favourite beer?

Delicious beer.

Where do you see Therein in the future?

Drinking delicious beer in Europe, and making our mark in Music.

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