Interview with MARTIN LOPEZ Of SOEN

Soen are releasing their second album "Tellurian" on November 4

A perfectly layered, shivers trigger music is so wonderfully rare that when you come across it, you can’t help but feel a pinch of excitement taking over. Well, Soen is quite simply the embodiment of uniqueness when it comes to song writing and passion, as well as the living proof that progressive music owns the key to some immortal river of musical artistry and is capable of breaking every barrier when it comes to imagination.

Soen offers us an impossible to categorize and astonishing cohesive music that leads us to delve deeper into the minds and thoughts of complex musicians. Embarking into this great musicianship becomes equally similar to letting yourself be mesmerized by the whispers of a great actor, able to smoothly shift from remarkable, sleight vocals to overwhelming exploratory lyrics.

Haunting and deeply infused with emotions, Soen’s music provides us with a one way ticket for a journey into our inner selves, as well as into unraveling the secrets of a one of a kind piece of art, this time proudly wearing the name of Tellurian

Tellurian offers us on a digital plate all the above and so much more. We travel between different ages of metal, from progressive to atmospheric post rock and between different worlds just so that we could, at the end of the record, feel right at home with the necessary time on our hands to fully comprehend and indulge into what we have just discovered. 

With a more mature song-writing skills and a flawless balance out of which we can easily intuit the path Soen will walk upon from now on, Tellurian is a conceptual album transitioning from cosmic to progressive and all the way around and captures us into an universe where everything is achieved to perfection, from Mr. Lopez’s drumming and percussions performance that goes from technical and ardent to primal and highly influenced, Platbarzdis’s dreamy and surreal guitar rhythm and to Stenberg’s capable delivery and passionate bass skills and Ekelöf’s poetic and perfectly flowing vocals.

Ideally balanced album painted across with hundreds of different colors and influences, Tellurian fits right into the “must-listen” category. Here dissecting the album’s ideas and expectations is one of metal’s most nuanced and skilled drummers and the glue that made Soen a dream come true for the most of us.

Prog Sphere talked with drummer Martin Lopez about the new album and future plans. Read more below.

What kind of significance the name of the album has to you?

Martin Lopez: Tellurian means “Something that is of the earth…” and in this case it stands for humanity and the connection we all have for being inhabitants of this planet.

What do you feel the new album is bringing new to the table compared to Cognitive?

Martin Lopez: The new album is more direct and emphasizes on human emotion. We worked hard on finding a balance between technicality and feeling to give the album a lot of sentiment but still keep it adventurous.

Why rely on so many South American influences? Back to roots? 

Soen - TellurianMartin Lopez: Not really, I’ve always been a big fan of ethnic rhythms and percussion. All the albums I’ve recorded have had percussion or some percussive elements that are inspired on ethnic music, not only South American but also, Arabic and African. That’s a huge part of who I am as a musician and it adds a sense of spiritualism to the music.

How did the replacement of DiGiorgio with Stenberg affect the new album?

Martin Lopez: There’s no difference to be honest. Most of our songs are bass based, meaning that the bass-lines are already written before the recording process starts. Stefan adapted very fast to what was expected from him and did a fantastic job.

Tellurian has a more post-metal vibe than Cognitive. Is this a new direction you are heading in?

Martin Lopez: I honestly don’t know what Post Metal is. But If Tellurian sounds Post Metal then yes, this is how we want Soen to sound like.

How do you manage to do the passage from heavy to melancholic so smoothly?

Martin Lopez: It comes naturally, we try to find the right balance between heavy and soft so that they “illuminate” each other, it’s all about connecting the opposite and then trying to make them parts of the same flow.

I feel like Tellurian flows and wishes to tell us a story. What exactly are you trying to communicate through this new record?

Martin Lopez: That is a very hard question to answer. I guess we all perceive and feel music differently so it’s really up to the listener to find out what Tellurian means to them.

As a fan of the band I have to say the album exceeded my expectations. Do you also plan a European tour?

Martin Lopez: Definitely, we are going through some options at the moment and I’m sure we’ll do an extensive European tour to support the release.

Soen’s new album Tellurian is out on November 11th via Spinefarm Records. Pre-order it here.

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