Simone Cecchini

Dan: Hello Simone, and the rest of Il Bacio Della Medusa if you’re answering too. Thank you for agreeing to this interview! I’m very excited to speak with one of my favorite recent Italian Prog bands. Would you guys mind introducing yourselves?

Simone: So a greeting to all and thank you for this interview Nikola (note from editor: It was Dan who has prepared questions for Simone) which I apologize  for having responded so late to this interview… That being said I present to you my Art progressive Band “IL BACIO DELLA MEDUSA” so … Simone C. (Voice), Federico (bass), 30 years, Simone B. (Guitar), 35, Daniele (violin), 26 years old, , while Eva (flute and sax), 26 years old, and Diego (drums, organ and mellotron), 28 years old.

Dan: Where did you guys come up with the name “Il Bacio Della Medusa”? I believe this translates to something like “The Kiss of Medusa” or “Medusa’s Kiss” in English. Would you mind explaining the origins of this name? I find it interesting, it’s like a blend of ugliness and beauty. Though, I don’t hear much ugliness in BDM’s music!

Simone: The band’s name, which in English would translate to “The Kiss of Medusa” was chosen thanks to our great passion for art, especially for Michelangelo Merisi called Caravaggio, one of the most powerful and expressive artists of Italian History of Art.
The name is inspired by a painting depicting a shield with the severed head of the Gorgon Medusa, defeated by the hero Perseus: Medusa was condemned to eternal loneliness, pain and melancholy, bread which artists and musicians feed metaphorically …
Our love for Art and Music has led us to think, and what is born is The Kiss of Medusa!

Dan: What do you guys have to say about the recording process for the first album? It’s actually kind of strange for an RPI album, in that there’s a lot of focus on heavy guitar work. It’s almost hard rock or metal, but with lots of RPI elements.

Simone: Our first album was born from ‘need to create a live repertoire in which rock elements could meet the Italian tradition of songwriters. At first we never thought of creating a progressive rock album but then we realized that we’ve done it. I like to call our first work “IL Bacio Della Medusa” as a prototype of progressive rock.

Dan: Can you explain some of the lyrics to we who do not speak Italian?

Simone: The first song is requiem for those condemned to death, and tells a set of feelings that the offender lives before death until he have his post mortem dream in which has the vision of a better afterlife.

The second song “Oriente Occidente” talks about the parallels between East West, are images, other visions.

The third one translated “The skinning Marsyas” tells of legend comes from Greek mythology. The satyr Marsyas with his flute challenge Apollo in a musical contest. the divinity wins with his lyre and kills the satyr rub him alive.

Il Vino, tells of Dionysian fury after drunk while Cantico del Poeta errante (song of the wandering poet) is the story of a wandering poet, and his journey to discover himself.

At the end De Luxuria et de Ludo et de taberna is a poetry of Cecco Angiolieri a medieval poet who comes from Siena. The poetry is really Rebel for the period in which he lived and wrote … and we liked to music it.

Dan: The second album is much lighter in terms of music, more like a “traditional” RPI album, but still with BDM’s own unique touches. Can you guys tell something about the recording process of this album?

Simone: To record our second album “Discesa Agli Inferi di Un Giovane Amante” was harder than the first one. No longer a question of creating a live repertoire but a progressive rock Album. We spent a year composing and eight months to record it. Night and Day. Without thinking anything else. the result was what you heard.

Dan: Same question as with the first album in regards to the lyrics of this one. Also, I read somewhere that this is a concept album. Do tell?

Simone: Regarding the second album is more difficult to speak about texts. Summing up we can say that the descent of a young lover is spiritual journey into inner hell of the man. The purpose of this trip is to know himself.

Dan: Can you tell us something about the artwork of your albums? Who makes it, what do they symbolize? You guys seem to be going for a traditional RPI album art style, in the vein of Le Orme, Quella Vecchia Locanda, etc.

Simone: About the artwork of our albums I can tell that Federico, our bass player is the artist who have done it. With our cover, we wanted to create images that represent the lyrics of our songs in order to give listeners a taste of what could be heard in our two lp and certainly the graphical presentation shows a strong attachment to the tradition of Italian prog.

Dan: Speaking of QVL, I read in an interview that you guys are big fans of them, along with PFM and Jethro Tull. These three happen to be some of my favorite bands, along with VDGG and a few more! Can you tell me some of your favorite albums? If I were to pick two from the first three each, I would go with both QVL albums (by nessesity), Thick as a Brick followed by Heavy Horses, and Storia Di Un Minuto followed by Stati Di Immaginazione by PFM (yes, I like the recent albums very much!)

Simone: We like QVL, PFM; JT and VDGG… and I like these bands like the other, I prefer King Crimson, all the discography till RED, and I like Greg Lake. I Like JT and the great personality of Ian Anderson. I Like Genesis of Foxtrot, Nursery Crimes, and Sell in England By the Pound…in which Peter Gabriel is great…What about Banco del Mutuo Soccorso they are great musicians and we could meet them in person and say that we are beautiful people even humanly. Some of my favourite album is the first by Yes, In the wake of Poseidon by King Crimson, Aqualung and thick as a Brick by Jethro, Just a collection…by Srawbs.Days of future passed by the moody blues.I like Gong, Arzachel..etc…

Dan: What other bands do you guys listen to? I hear some Biglietto Per L’Infernale in the first album, as well as a bunch of other things. Bonus points if you introduce something new for me to listen to!

Simone: We listen to a lot a lot of music…We like Orme, Pfm, Banco, Biglietto per l’Inferno, Jumbo, raccomandata ricevuta di ritorno, Trip, Arti e Mestieri, Osanna etc. but I do not listen only progressive, but a lot of genres so I like blues, but also the bossa nova, I have recently rediscovered the pleasures of 70′s glam rock. I really like Bowie, T Rex, Mott the Hoople, and Steve Haley.

Dan: Do you guys go on tour much, and is there a chance I might see you in a Prog festival around NYC at some point in the near future?

We’d love to have more opportunities to play around, unfortunately the opportunities are few. In the past we have participated in various festivals and we had fun. The public has been fantastic with us. Certainly we’d like you saw us in a live in NYC.

Dan: Can you describe the current RPI scene? It seems like there’s a pretty sizeable revival of the genre, in the form of new bands and a large bunch of bands reforming to create new albums such as PFM, Osanna, Le Orme, Latte e Miele, and a lot of others. As members of the scene, why do you guys think that is? Also, how do you feel about some of the work these bands have come forth with in recent years? In general, I am personally enjoying most of the new albums.

Simone: To be honest I do not follow the new prog scene in so scrupulous way. I don’ t think myself only as a progressive singer. I think the current scene is very complex and often many different genres are associated with the name “Progressive”. I Do not know much about the new progressive bands, and even the new work of the historic prog bands. I believe that real progressive rock has concluded many years ago. For this reason we in the last like to call ourself an Art rock band.

Dan: How does the future look for BDM? I hear you guys are planning to release a live DVD soon.

Simone:  Soon will be released on DVD ” BDM Live in Genoa ” which represents the bridge between the old and the new sound BDM, and that will be two tributes song in English, to the delight of fans not Italian!

Dan: Are there any plans for a new album anytime soon? I’m definitely hoping for more original material from you guys!

Simone: We are  working on drafts of the new album, “Deus Lo Vult”, which we believe encapsulates the stylistic maturity group, but our minds will always be in turmoil, and it is difficult to see a culmination of our creativity …!
We believe that the public will feel a great evolution in Il Bacio della Medusa in 2010, both lyrically and in musical compositions of the new work that will close the trilogy.

Dan: Are any of you in BDM working on any side projects at the moment? Have you in the past?

Simone: Yes I am working with “Fufluns- Complesso Embrionale Fossile”  composed by Alfio Costa (Tillion, Prowlers), Guglielmo Mariotti (The Watch) and Mau Di Tollo (Maschera di Cera) a project that will lead to the progressive realization of a concept album that will play on the story of a scarecrows. Then I’m trying to record more professionally my testatemto of a poet who can find on my my space. Diego, Eva and Federico are finalizing the recording of an album with their project “Ornithos”.

Dan: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, is there anything you guys would like to mention that I forgot to ask?

Simone: We would play outside more often and especially from Italy in the past where we had a lot of success. Our biggest dream would be able to land in Japan, South America and the U.S.

Dan: One last question! Does Il Bacio Della Medusa like dogs? If so, and if members of the band have dogs, please tell us about your dogs!

Simone: BDM loves dogs and all animals.Diego, Eva, Federico e Daniele have dogs at Home and expecially Daniele have always his dog Toky with him…

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