SIKTH: Mikee Goodman Talks “Sonic Unrest” Tour & “Opacities” Album

Sikth 2015. Tina Korhonen 2015.

UK progressive metallers, SikTh are currently on their first North American tour, as a main support for Periphery. The band’s latest release, 2015′s mini album Opacities will be re-released in September on CD and vinyl via Peaceville. Singer Mikee Goodman told us about the tour, Opacities, and future plans.

This interview finds you guys on a North American tour with Periphery. So how has it been so far? Are you satisfied with the reception you received from fans considering that this is your first time in North America, if I am not wrong.

Mikee Goodman: We are blown away by the reaction so far. It’s been amazing. Every night it goes off! We did not realize how many fans we have and love that we have been making new ones too.

Any fan-favourite stories to tell from this run?

Mikee Goodman: There are so many super fans in USA. We’ve been given so many gifts, it’s insane. Also one dude even offered to pay for us all to stay the night in a hotel (We are in a small van).

You are touring in support of the 2015 mini album Opacities, which will be re-issued on CD and vinyl in North America by Peaceville. The album was originally released in December last year. Tell me about its creative process?

Mikee Goodman: It was an intense schedule in the end. We wanted to make a groove laden EP. Then adding ‘Days Are Dreamed,’ on with the spoken word, ‘Tokyo Lights,’ made a more epic feel. For me, it is the best vocal performance so far. I really like the music too. Very proud of that mini album.

SikTh - Opacities

Opacities is your first release since 2006’s Death of a Dead Day. How much did your creative chemistry changed during the 2008-2013 hiatus?

Mikee Goodman: I think we communicate better now. We are all older and more learned on each instrument. For me, making an album in 2012 with Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden was a really positive learning experience with my melodic voice.

For the purpose of releasing Opacities you launched a PledgeMusic campaign that helped you fund the release. Have you been in touch with any labels before giving the crowdfunding campaign a go?

Mikee Goodman: We didn’t have a manager and heard crowd funding is a great thing, nowadays. Many labels were interested but we went the other way on that.

Are you satisfied with the response you received during the PledgeMusic campaign? What were the drawbacks and benefits of it?

Mikee Goodman: The drawback for me is it’s a lot if updating I am not used to. I am in need of focusing on being creative and that’s all. Also you are faced with arranging everything, afterwards. I guess it was hard for us as we didn’t have a manager.

Mikee Goodman (photo by Chantelle Renée Photography)

Mikee Goodman (photo by Chantelle Renée Photography)

Back to touring… You supported Slipknot on their recent UK tour. How did it feel to get an offer for the opening slot from a huge band like them?

Mikee Goodman: It was great! We always felt like we should have been doing bigger tours back in the day. That was a great opportunity .

The “Sonic Unrest” tour ends in a few days. Besides that and the Opacities re-issue what else do you have in the pipeline for the rest of the year? What are your future plans?

Mikee Goodman: We are hoping to continue writing for an album release next year. Then Europe and hopefully back to the US!

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Cover photo by Tina Korhonen

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