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Prog Sphere talked with Seth from Satarial about the band’s latest studio album “Lunar Cross” and other topics.

How did you go about forming Satarial? Define the band’s mission.

Satarial is a hierarchy of Lucifer in a world of Chaos, is a magical formula, leading to understand and to knowledge the real truth. Satarial is a dark fire that destroys the illusions. Satarial is something that is beyond human understanding of good and evil. In this world of these concepts do not exist. The mystery about the name Satarial we disclose in our album “Queen of Elve’s Land”. In occult practices this is a concept that control the third world on the Tree of Chaos. This gate, opening the way to the primordial Fire. This is the formula of knowledge and understanding of the primordial Chaos, this denial and the destruction of illusions of Demiurge. Satarial is what kills God in the soul of people. After satanic formula AMSG – it was like the next step in the knowledge of the darkest light.

Your latest studio album named “Lunar Cross” was released in 2014.

“Lunar Cross” – a mystical revelation symbolism of the swastika. The movement from illusion to truth, from life to death, from good to evil, from light to darkness. This is the way counter-clockwise in the rituals of revenge attacks in witchcraft. This activation of the four elements in their original titanic condition.

The album was released by three labels: Satanath Records (Russia), Metallic Media (USA), and Black Plague Records (USA) in august 2014.


Tell me about the creative process that informed the record.

We decided to record the album in the tradition of the old school of metal.

We recorded it live, as it sounds on concerts. We did not use computer technology which align the dynamics. It will be sound of the heaviest album of Satarial. Angelica, on this album, recorded not only the keyboards as on the previous albums, but and debut as a drummer. The album imbued with magic, mysticism, filled with spells and planetary harmonies.

Describe the approach to recording “Lunar Cross.”

Analog microphones, live instruments, guitar tube amps, analog synthesizers. What else you need to record real music?

How long “Lunar Cross” was in the making? Tell me about the themes this release captures.

Material was be ready in 2011 and recording in 2014.

We no longer think about the limitations of styles and directions. In music we are talking about their emotions and thoughts. The word destroys true. Word cannot convey the meaning and only the music speaks the language of nature. The real song is a scream of the soul, not just unnecessary words. We learn this from nature and from ancient civilizations that have not lost touch with the true.

Bad that digital cd format is not transmits the power of witchcraft in music. In our new program we use only analog sounds,analog synthesizers. Melody of this sound penetrate into the deep subconscious. We set up the structure of our guitars in drob G. This is a sound of the Sun, the sound of the explosion, which started our universe. We use a 7-strings guitar, because such guitars are a real magical instruments. Seven planets magic, the seven gates etc.

Bad that digital sound from a CD loses mystical vibrations. It can be felt only at the concerts, live sound. When wave from the stage return back. It’s a harmony, it is like a snake that bites its own tail. This is a real ritual, is the initiation and invocation, which pulls out from the illusion to the depths of the primordial chaos.

We are inspired by only the world around us, not touched by people. We deny the illusion created by the Demiurge, and we live by the fact that lie between light and darkness.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when working on the album?

We have drums, we have guitars, what could be the problems?

Have you managed to make any new discoveries as the time passed during the creative process? Do you think that at some point of that process your writing approach changed drastically?

Everything is already open. Law of good sound – no computers, no need to move the instruments, don’t need digital processors. You can`t play – don’t play. If you can play then all what you need – it to record on tape what sound in the studio room.


Provide some insight into the group’s chemistry that allows this music to emerge.

Sorcery traditions of the North brought in music Satarial ethnic Influences. The music harmony is based on the ritual combinations of the planets and notes, and melody as the language of the Universe and Nature.

All of this in harmony with Nature in the glory of the Triune the Goddess and the Horned Own!

Where do you draw the inspiration from and how do you go about channeling it into writing?

Our creation touch on a few layers, one of which mysticism and pagan folklore. And the other layer is anti-clericalism. On the creation inspires wild nature, forests, mountains, our sorcery practices. energy that surround us, and Nordic mythology and history.

Which bands or artists influenced your work on the release?

It is difficult to talk about someone’s influences because music of Satarial is very diverse. It has the elements of epic, black metal, industrial, folk. We are quite experimental. We can only say about old and new bands, which we like : Bathory, Samael, Immortal, In extremo, and so on.

What is your view on technology in music?

Live to play live. We agree with Kerry King about the technology in music. From myself I can only add – in the ass technology! They kill music.

Do you see the band’s music as serving a purpose beyond music?

Satarial is a struggle for freedom of thought, expression and for religious freedom.

What are your plans for the future?

At the this moment we getting ready for our new European tour, which will begin on May 23 and will last until mid-July. Returning from the tour we will start recording a new album with the working title “Horned God”.

Satarial online:

Satarial tour

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