Interview with PEARLY GATES

Pearly Gates

Thank you for having time to answer some questions. First of all, introduce us Pearly Gates. What does the band name refer to?

We came up with the name a long time ago when our line-up was different and we were basically a different band. The name still stuck on but it doesn’t really have much meaning to us now.

Would you mind telling us about your musical background, as well as education?

Well it’s pretty basic. Started playing as teenagers and haven’t stopped since. Couple of lessons and a lot of time noodling in the bedroom.

You recently released an EP “Unchained.” How was it working on the EP?

Well it was pretty frustrating. We had some problems funding and scheduling the project but the end result is what counts and we are very pleased with the EP.

What do you think I should describe Pearly Gates as to my friends? The real question here is, what do you guys consider the music of Pearly Gates to be?

Rock ‘n roll with heavy riffs and a soft spot for pop melodies.

This eclectic music must have a wide range of influences and inspiration. Would you guys mind enlightening us as to some of the influences you haven’t mentioned already?

The best alternative bands of the 90′s, classic rock and prog bands of the 60′s and 70′s and some soul and blues for taste.

What’s the live experience with Pearly Gates like? Any plans for a tour somewhere down the road?

We try to keep it interesting by changing the dynamic from song to song. We do have some plans but they’ll be announced a bit later.

What have you been listening to recently? Also, would you tell us what your all-time favorite albums are?

We all have somewhat different tastes in music so I don’t think there’s any recent artist in circulation on all of our music players. When we get together we usually take turns choosing a song at a time. For some reason Type o Negative is one of the bands that comes up when the drunkness level reaches that critical point between howling at the moon and brain damage.

What kind of advice would you impart to other musicians? Do you have any words of wisdom or inspiration for other artists trying to make their mark?

We really don’t think that we are in a position to impart wisdom on anyone. If you want to be a rockstar you probably should do the opposite of what we have done. But you probably also won’t have as much fun.

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