ODD PALACE: Expanding Common Perception of Rock

Odd Palace

Modern prog rock quintet from Denmark, Odd Palace, debuted in 2015 with the release of an EP titled ‘Insomnia,’ and they have recently released a new single ‘Tools.’ Preparing to launch their first full-length record, Odd Palace promise an unexpected journey. In a new interview for Prog Sphere, the band speaks about their work.

Define the mission of Odd Palace.

Through brutally honest lyrics and uncompromising compositions, we’re putting a focus on the state of the world we inhabit, as well as the minds of the people living in it. We chal- lenge ourselves and the audience, while believing that our music can be more than just a rhythm and a melody. We want you to listen, think and explore your minds and beliefs in a new and progressive way.

Tell me about the creative process that formed your debut EP Insomnia and the themes it captures.

Insomnia was in many ways the first steps we took in a formation process. It was a DIY album. We wrote all songs and recorded them our self. In late 2015 we went to East Europe to play 10 shows in 10 days. We took the recordings with us and while we were on the road we put the last hand on the EP. In many ways the raw sound and essence of Insomnia reflects the many experiences we had on our first international tour.

Recently you put out a new single titled “Tools.” What is the message you are trying to give with it?

That we are all just tools. We as human beings are products of the structures of society, morals and norms. “Tools” is a mirror, reflecting the way in which we’re slowly becoming robots to materialism. It’s also a wake up call, seeking to inspire the listener to break away from these chains.


Is the dynamic flow of the piece carefully architected?

Both the theme and the dynamic of “Tools” is provocative. From the beginning the song is very energetic and right-in-your-face because a wake up call doesn’t work if you are whispering. In the end it all collides and the disharmony emphasizes the realization of the absurdity and call the listernes to break free from chains.

“Tools” actually is a song that sort of announces your upcoming release. What can you tell me about it? What is the plan when it comes to the release?

“Tools” is the first musical pillar of the odd palace. It shows one side of the musical expressions that the album is going to encompass. The next year we will release several singles that reveals the diversity of what we are capable of.

Which bands or artists influenced your work?

We are both inspired by the old prog rock bands such as King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. The new generation of progressive bands like The Mars Volta, Closure in Moscow, Protest The Hero and Karnivool are huge inspirations in both sound and shape of our music as well.

What is your view on technology in music?

We have a childish fascination for pedals and effects, and the way it can contribute to the creation of soundscapes and obscure auditory universes. On stage we use a wide variety of samples, weird effects and noises to constantly keep the audience fixed in a chaotic and beautiful live experience. The technology available is an inspiring factor, that keeps us experimenting and challenging our musical endeavours.

Do you see your music as serving a purpose beyond music?   

The experience of our music truly comes alive on stage, where the energetic and chaotic performances invites the audience to let go of everyday normality. Through setting an example of unrestrained and impulsive behavior, we hope that our audience takes a bit of the energy with them home to spice up an ordinary life.

What are your plans for the future?

To keep challenging ourselves and our listeners with the purpose of expanding the common perception of rock. We want to constantly evolve and expand our musical range and ways of expression. The release of our debut album is just around the corner, with forthcoming tours around Europe. We are heading for bigger stages and international acknowledgment. This odd journey has just begun.

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Cover photo by Sbtn photography

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