NE OBLIVISCARIS: Breaking Barriers

Ne Obliviscaris

Ne Obliviscaris is the mere construction of sorrow and joy translated into a vast musical spider web out of which you will never want to crawl out of. Saying Ne Obliviscaris’ musical train of thought is incomprehensible because it juxtaposes so many layers with so many influences, would be an understatement.

Meticulously polished art pieces that go with an easiness beyond belief from complex riffs and violent imagery, both musically as lyrically, to deeply melodic and melancholy driven cleans, lead us to remain astounded in the face of Ne Oblisvicaris’ unlimited vastness when it comes to making a musical statement. A monolith of constant movements from dark to emotional, from a myriad of progressive polyrhythms to heart-wrenching violin leads.

Their new album, Citadel, is a conceptual six songs long proof of a notable improvement in song writing and attention to details and is split into two sides, each with its story-telling piece of art. Ne Obliviscaris’ prowess has the ability to make you fall in a deep overwhelming state of mind and soul but sooner than later, you will wake up under the brutal assault of some ripping riffs and furious double-bass patterns. They are the pure incorporation of aggressively mastered technique sown together by the versatile vocals that can perfectly escalate from visceral growls to jazz, yet powerful smooth cleans.

Ne Oblisvicaris may just enter the record book for being equally metal above any earthly flaws, yet transcendental and beautifully atmospheric.

What are the first three things you think it will come to the listener’s mind after they hear Citadel?

Well it’s hard to say as the music listening experience is subjective. I’d like to think they will think it’s fresh, fun and an adventure.

Why only six tracks?

It’s just the way the record panned out. We just felt it was done and it happened to be 6 tracks. The album still tops out at 45+ min though

What are your expectations for this album?

I dont really have any expectations really. I just hope people will enjoy it as much as we did making it.

How much of yourselves do you put in the making and the recording of a record?

We put a lot of time, effort and consciousness into our creative process of making a record. Especially this time around. We got together once or twice a week every week, ontop of sharing ideas online to each other for over 12 months.

What are main influences you used in creating Citadel?

Our influences are very varied. Everyone in the band has a different background and musical up bringing. There wasn’t one or a few particular artists we were listening to at the time.

Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel

I’ve noticed that apart from Pyrrhic, all the songs off the album have two, respectively, three parts. What story are they trying to tell us and why did you divide them this way?

Xenoyr’s lyrics are very much what you take out of them. There is somewhat of a direct meaning behind them, but for the most part it’s what you take out of them. When we wrote the tracks we didn’t know it would pan out like this, but in the later part of the writing process we just felt that’s how the tracks needed to come out.

For the most part the album is about the walls and barriers we have as humans, how they are broken down and exploring the human condition.

How did you come up with the idea of starting a campaign to fund your tour? Did the results of the Kickstarter campaign meet the expectations you had?

We threw the idea around of a crowd funder for quite some time before we went ahead with it. We went through a brain storming process and checking out how other artists and people went about their campaign. The results we got far exceeded our expectations. We never thought it would take off like it did. It was very encouraging and has inspired us to work even harder.

Why so many instrumentals on the album? Are they a transition to the heavier songs?

The instrumentals are a transition between tracks. A bit of a breather, or even a moment of reflection. We liked how these worked into each other so we decided to lay it to record.

If you could convince metalheads to listen to your new album using just one sentence, what would that sentence be?

We try to make fun interesting music, give us a try if that seems your cup of tea.

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