Atlanta Metal Five-Piece IRIST Pursue Musical and Lyrical Intensity on “Order of the Mind”

Atlanta Metal Five-Piece IRIST Pursue Musical and Lyrical Intensity on "Order of the Mind"

Atlanta, GA metal five-piece Irist are one of the hottest metal groups at the moment. Having signed a global record deal with Nuclear Blast, the group is ready to unleash their full-length debut album Order of the Mind on March 27th, produced and mixed by Lewis Johns at the Ranch Production House in Southampton, UK and mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Ted Jensen (Megadeth, Dream Theater). Singer and lyricist Rodrigo Carvalho talked with Niko Savic about the creative process for Order of the Mind.

Asked about whether or not the variety of the songs can be attributed to band members’ coming from different countries and cultures, Carvalho commented: “It’s very difficult for us to gage what kind of influences we have and how they impact the album just because a lot of it just comes in subconsciously. I’m sure that at some level there is some influence of different places that we come from because we all grew up listening to different kinds of music. As you know, three of the members are from South America, so we grew up listening to a lot of Latin music, not only metal. We don’t make a point to consciously add things because we have these things in our background, but I’m sure they pop out.

About the lyrical and musical ideas that informed Order of the Mind, Rodrigo says: “From a general standpoint the album is supposed to be intense, I think that’s the keyword. There’s lot of different rhythms, and also melodically it’s very intense. Pablo writes really deep melodies, which I like to call very Argentinian kind of melodies—they are very intense and aggressive too. Overall, I think that the album is very intense. Lyrically, I tried to match that as best I could. A lot of the themes of the album has to do with overcoming challenges—overcoming physical challenges, psychological challenges, barriers of different types. It’s not the only theme of the album, but it seems to be the general theme of a lot of the songs. All of the songs have different imagery, different topics, different choice of words, but in the end most of them convey that kind of intensity.

Listen to the full interview below. Order of the Mind is out on March 27th via Nuclear Blast; pre-order it here. Follow Irist on Facebook and Instagram.

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