Glory of the Supervenient

Italian experimental unit going under the name Glory of the Supervenient is about to release their self-titled debut album via Overdub Recordings. Prog Sphere talked with the project founder and drummer Andrea Bruzzone about the band’s work, the album and more. 

Define the mission of Glory of the Supervenient.

First of all thank you very much for this interview guys!

If I’ve to tell what is the mission of G.O.T.S. I just can say it’s pure creativity. I know it may sound pretentious but when I wrote this pieces I was like “let’s put here what i am, what are my main influences, how them freely flows to create new music.”

Tell me about the creative process that informed your self-titled album.

As I was saying the goal was to let my influences flowing in one single music entity, so after a first part in which I was putting a lot of restrictions you know like “ok I have to do this, music has to be like this etc” at a certain point i just decided to leave all the rules and let all the things I really like flow into the music, things that I really feel as part of me.

Is there any hidden message behind the band’s name / title of the album?

The entire work is inspired by the philosopher Emanuele Severino and the “Glory Of The Supervenient” is a concept by him. He is in my opinion the greatest living philosopher. I know some of his books are being translated in english now but I can’t say more. To tell exactly what means Glory Of The Supervenient may take too many lines here, anyway let’s say the name sounded really good to me.


Is the dynamic flow of the pieces carefully architected?

Oh yeah it was really important to me to give dynamic and “mood” variations to the music, it’s instrumental music and has a great expressive potential. Vocals are great but often can kind of flatten the music. When there are no words music has to speak for itself and can become a journey through many different colors and sensations, that’s what I tried to do.

Describe the approach to recording the album.

Speaking of instruments recording the album is pretty unconventional, the only recorded instruments are drums and bass, all the other instruments are programmed by me and carefully treated in a long sound design process with the help of Mauro Scarfia. Mauro is now part of the live band featuring Angelo “Otus Dei” Girardello who recorded the bass/distorted bass lines, and now we  have on stage Giulio Stromendo on keys.

How long “Glory of the Supervenient” was in the making?

It took like 1 year to make the album.

Which bands or artists influenced your work on the release?

First band I have to mention is Meshuggah, I love them since long time and they are unique in the entire world scene. Aggressive polyrhythmic metal but always serving the groove! They really put concepts as a foundation of their music. Another great inspiration for me is an English band called Dutch Uncles, they play a sort of progressive new wave, yeah like 80′s new wave but with odd times and unconventional instruments for a rock band like vibraphones, marimbas and classical percussions in general, and sythesizers of course! King Crimson has been also an inspiration for me, the 80′s version of the band actually. Artists like Aphex Twin and Square Pusher also influenced the album even if I’m note an electronica expert, I can say it is the last music genre I’ve been in during recent years. I must mention also the great Steve Reich as a great influence on me, rhythmic cycles and repetitiveness are trademark of his works; and the one and only Frank Zappa, he was just a genius. Oh can’t miss my drum heroes here like Morgan Agren, Keith Carlock, Mark Guiliana, Thomas Haake and more but let’s stop here.


What is your view on technology in music?

Oh great question, you know, we are in the technological age, technology is the most powerful tool and may solve one day most of human beings problems. It’s constantly part of our lives and so it’s just stupid to think that has nothing to do with or has not to be present in music. Music is now, and be creative is to be connected with the now, toward the future, of course never forgetting the past, but not staying there!

Do you see your music as serving a purpose beyond music?

Music is something that bring us out of the ordinary world, out of everyday problems and practical shit. That’s why I love instrumental music, ’cause words sometimes bring you again here, you know? Love, hate, money, etc… Real music takes us beyond, and we don’t know exactly where.

What are your plans for the future?

We are working to start touring in 2017 and we hope to see you guys there!

For more info about Glory of the Supervenient visit their official website here.

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