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Norwegian metallers Atena are about to launch their new album ‘Possessed‘ on October 27th via Indie Recordings, and in a new interview for Prog Sphere they tell us about it, chemistry, touring, and more. 

Describe the vision propelling your third album Possessed.

Possessed is a concept album with the story based around mental illness described through a young teenager in a very religious town where he’s believed to be possessed. The story itself is an exaggerated version of how people with severe depression and anxiety may feel treated in today’s society.

What made this the right time to pursue that vision?

We’re trying our best make our music be “timeless” with our themes and treat them more with a human touch than extreme imagination of religious and magical stuff.

It was also the right time because of personal experiences with the theme in this album.

Atena - Possessed

Tell me about what you’re communicating with the album cover.

Our sound is very “bi-polar,” so we wanted to have both darkness and hope in the cover to not mislead people to expect a heavy and dark album like our last (hence the flowers).

We also wanted to have a “red glare/Norwegian feel” to the album to represent where we come from as well as to portray how dark it can feel for the protagonist in Possessed.

What was the creative chemistry for Possessed like?

Vebjørn is composing the instrumentals, as well as the story and themes for each song to maintain a more coherent sound the album as a whole. When the pre-production for the insturmentals are done, our drummer Fredrik writes over/changs Vebjørn‘s drum parts to make it match his style. When the lyrics is being written both Simen and Jakob team up with Vebjørn at his apartment and discuss themes and throw ideas back and forth while recording it to keep the ideas fresh and catch them before they “run away.” Every song reflects both the story of the album and our personal story.

Speaking of the album’s creative process, provide some insight into it. Did your approach change comparing with your previous two albums?

To be able to keep the band keep going strong as well as making a living, we have always done it the same way every album-cycle, so each member can become even better at what their task in the band is.

Did the environment in any way influence the vibe the album transcends?

Yes, we’re very interested in expressing our environment and experiences to make our music as relatable as possible to our listeners. We really want to be able to give people who struggle good vibes and tell them that it’s going to be alright.

Will you be promoting this new album live? Can we expect seeing you in Europe or North America?

Of course, we’re all about playing live and hanging out! We’re curently working with getting out in Europe, but America is very hard for bands like us to get to. As long as people keep spreading the music, the faster we will get out to your city!

Are there any bands that you would love to share a bill with?

There are so many! We would love to play with the big boys like Metallica as anyone would! But most of us are heavily into Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Emmure, Volumes, Northlane etc. So we’ll go for them!

Tell me about the gear you used for creating Possessed. How did you achieve all these tones? 

On this album we worked with Robin Leijon at Lionheart Recordings. All the guitars was recorded DI so he would have full control with reamping and putting on own samples to make the album sound as good as possible! We’re have no experience with mixing so we usually have talented people with experience like Robin to put their touch on it.

With the new album out, what else do you guys have in the pipeline?

We’re already planning our next album to keep the grind going and not stop! We’re also curently preparing to be able to tour again because playing shows are our main goal!

Possessed is out on October 27th via Indie Recordings; pre-order it here (digital) or here (CD).

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