ProgSphere’s Progstravaganza Compilation of Awesomeness – Part 7

Progstravaganza is back! The seventh part of our compilation series comes in the month in which we celebrate a year since we started releasing downloadable compilations. So, in some way, this should be a special edition. Although since there are 20 bands you have the opportunity to hear it’s a pretty good number, no?

I bet you have so many questions on your mind about this particular Progstravaganza. First of all, the artwork, which was done once again by Påhl Sundström. It looks a bit weird to you, right? There is some guy with a German flag who seems to be willing to conquer the world. Yes, that’s right. The reason we put the German flag with the subtitle “über alles“ is actually because we wanted to express our gratefulness to the Progstravaganza fans in Germany, who took the biggest part in downloading our compilations, with more than 60% of the total amount of downloads.

Secondly, as Prog Sphere has expanded its range of activities on the field of promotions, meaning that we work as a boutique agency providing bands representation and public relations in the music industry, this part of the compilation series presents to you the bands Prog Sphere Promotions ( works with. These are the first ten bands on the compilation, the other ten bands are not related to this mini-theme, but they’re also really great.

Some new countries we present this time are Spain, Romania, Portugal and The Netherlands. Since the last time a lot of good things happened for the website. First of all, we had posted an interview with James LaBrie of, well who doesn’t know James LaBrie? Because of this, we give special thanks to Michael Schetter of Relocator who did an amazing job interviewing Dream Theater’s vocalist. Speaking of Michael, he is the man in charge for the Generation Prog 2011 festival, which takes place in Nürnberg / Germany on Spetember 23rd/24th, so if you are around, don’t hesitate to go and see Andromeda, Haken, Subsignal, Exivious and few more bands. We should also mention that Michael did an extra large interview with the To-Mera / Haken duo Richard Henshall and Tom MacLean.

Meanwhile, we’ve been doing a lot of podcasts recently. Three of them included guests, featuring Påhl Sundström (Klotet + our graphic designer), Jonas Reingold (Karmakanic/Third World Electric/The Flower Kings) and Andy Tillison (The Tangent/Parallel or 90 Degrees). You can find them out on the website if you check Compilations & Podcasts in the main menu. Other than that, we are possibly the first webzine to review the upcoming albums of Pain of Salvation, The Tangent and Steve Hackett, so take a look at the Reviews section on the website and read what we think about these albums.

If there is someone who’s reading this right now and if that someone plays in a band which might be interesting for Prog Sphere Promotions, feel free to drop an email to info[at]prog-sphere[dot]com so we can discuss about it further. Progressive, psychedelic, stoner, fusion jazz and the bands belonging to similar genre orientations are welcome.

Bis zum nächsten Mal,
Nick – der Captain


01. Draconic – Hospitals (Serbia) (taken from the single Hospitals, released in 2011)
02. Mars Red Sky – Strong Reflection (France) (taken from Mars Red Sky, released in 2011)
03. Fourteen Twentysix – Closing Hours (The Netherlands) (taken from Lighttown Closure, released in 2010)
04. Daymoon – Arklow (Portugal) (taken from All Tomorrows, released in 2011)
05. Johnny Engstrom Band – Under Haunted Skies (Sweden) (taken from Magnetic Force, released in 2011)
06. Consecration – Idiot Glee (Serbia) (taken from .avi, released in 2010)
07. Temple of the Smoke – Tortoise du Mars (Serbia) (taken from …Against Human Race, released in 2011)
08. Bruno Pitch – Dual Sphere (France) (taken from Crystal Garden, released in 2010)
09. Ana Never – Dnevnik Jednog Morfiniste (Serbia) (taken from Ana Never, released in 2011)
10. Seven That Spells – Let’s Go to San Francisco (Croatia) (taken from Acid Taking and Sweet Love Making, released in 2011)
11. Øresund Space Collective – Chased by the Space Police (Denmark) – (taken from Its All About Delay studio session, previously unreleased)

Bonus tracks:

12. Concrete Sun – Last Man Under the Sun (Serbia) (taken from Sky is High, released in 2011)
13. Arenna - Receiving the Liquid Writings (Spain) (taken from Beats Of Olarizu, released in 2011)
14. Aver – Decay (Australia) (taken from Aver, released in 2011)
15. Wizard Smoke – Dead Wood (USA) (taken from The Speed of Smoke, released in 2011)
16. Tolmunud Mesipuu – Mõlemad Näevad (Estonia) (taken from Koger ja Panter, released in 2010)
17. The :Egocentrics – The Unknown Sings (Romania) (taken from Center of the Cyclone, released in 2011)
18. El Paramo – Sirope de Arena (Spain) (taken from El Paramo, released in 2008)
19. Gordon Fights – Dance Quite Well (Sweden) (taken from Gordon Fights, released in 2011)
20. The Cosmic Dead – Infinite Death of The Godhead (Scotland) (taken from Cozmik Tape I, released in 2011)

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.


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  2. Stefan

    May 7, 2012 at 10:33 am

    DRACONIC needs your help on TMM contest!
    Go to this link and hit LIKE button!

    If DRACONIC win they will get a chance to record a video for one of their songs :)

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