ProgSphere’s Progstravaganza Compilation of Awesomeness – Part 6

Six! Probably the most controversial number. But, it’s the number we reached out in our Progstravaganza series of compilations, what means that in less than a year we succeeded in presenting half a dozen of our missionary compiling work. Twenty one bands again, totally new (with an exception in Gösta Berlings Saga), previously unreleased (unreleased on Progstravaganza compilations, of course) bands coming all around the globe.

We have three new countries on this one, being Ukraine, Switzerland and Bosnia and Herzegovina + one multinational band which members come from Hungary, Poland and England, if I’m not wrong. Anyhow, United States and Russian Federation took a lead this time, each presented with 7, as to 5 bands respectively.

So, why did we name this one „Hodge-Podge Edition“? Simply as this part of our compilation series is a real hodge-podge in a true meaning of it. You can hear stoner/grunge rock, progressive rock, psychedelia, black metal, sludge, doom, space rock, experimental, jazz and who knows what else. For that, this part is a possible satisfactory release for everyone who finds interesting some of above mentioned genres. Almost 150 minutes on this part will be a good transition between summer and autumn, but it’s not certain will we release seventh part in August, I have already some plans for it, but no hurry.

As the tenth part of our series gets closer, we thought that it would be cool publishing it as a physical release, but we cannot tell at this point of time how much it’s a reality, as a determining factor is of course money.

Also, there are new features on our ever-progressing website. Namely, Dan and I started doing ProgSphere’s AwesomeCasts and up to now, there’s only one episode of it simply named Pilot, where we talk about our favorite bands and musicians and playing their fine music. We have in plan to bring you interviews, and we may say that we already have confirmed guests for upcoming two podcasts. They are Mr. Påhl Sundström of Klotet (hi Burt), who once again designed an awesome artwork, proving that way „awesomeness“ in the title is not a coincidence. The other confirmed guest is Mr. Andy Tilison of The Tangent, who are about to release their new album COMM later this year on InsideOut. Mr. Tilison is the very first person we interviewed back then when we still were hosted by Blogspot (see interviews here and here). What goes around, comes around.

If you liked what Påhl did in the artworks, now you can get shirts and wear them proudly and believe me, everyone will admire you, just because you look supercool. We started a web store, selling shirts and hats at low prices. Seriously. It’s hosted by Big Cartel and you can check it by visiting Currently, there are available shirts with images from the second and third compilations, but I may say that others will be added soon.

That’s it. Now I let you enjoy another trip and thank you for support you showed by downloading our compilations and reading our stuff. We really appreciate it. See you soon.

ProgSphere’s wizardry,
Nick & Dan

P.S. Full hi-res booklet is inside the archive, as always.


01. SEX TYPE THING – Get Rid (taken from Checked Up By Time, released on R.A.I.G. in 2010) (review here)
02. GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA – 354 (taken from Glue Works, released on Cuneiform Records in 2011) (review here)
03. OBIAT – Poison Thy Honey (taken from Eye Tree Pi, released on Small Stone Records in 2009)
04. ETHEREAL RIFFIAN – Whispering of the Ancients / Beyond (taken from Shaman’s Visions, self-released in 2011) (review here)
05. MARBIN – Loopy (taken from Breaking the Cycle, released on MoonJune Records in 2011) (review here)
06. THE NORTHERN ONTARIO BLACK METAL PRESERVATION SOCIETY – Northern October (single, self-released in 2011)
07. LO-PAN – Seed (taken from Salvador, released on Small Stone Records in 2011) (review here)
08. LESBIAN – Poverty and War Forever (taken from Stratospheria Cubensis, released on Important Records in 2011) (review here)
09. THE RE-STONED – Crystals (taken from Analog, released on R.A.I.G. in 2011) (review here)
10. KRUGER – Turpitudes (taken from For Death, Glory and the End of The World, released on Listenable Records in 2010)
11. SENDELICA – Screaming and Streaming Into the Starlit Nite (taken from Streamedelica, She Sighed as She Hit Rewind on the Dream Mangler Remote, released on R.A.I.G. in 2010)
12. TIA CARRERA – Slave Cylinder (taken from Cosmic Priestess, released on Small Stone Records in 2011) (review here)
13. ROADSAW – Weight in Gold (taken from Roadsaw, released on Small Stone Records in 2011) (review here)
14. ORGANIC IS ORGASMIC – The Ghost of Kubla Khan (taken from As We Speak Of Space And Wisdom, released on Flower Punk Records in 2011)
15. TANKER – Nothing But the Pride (taken from Sorrow Drives the Will, self-released in 2010)
16. GNOMONAUT – Beard Mudding (taken from The Chronocosm, self-released in 2010)
17. WITHOUT GOD – Forgiveness Sunday (taken from Lambs to the Slaughter, released on R.A.I.G. in 2011)
18. THE GRAND ASTORIA – Something Wicked This Way Comes (taken from Omnipresence, self-released in 2011) (review here)
19. TRAWLER BYCATCH – Thissletia (taken from Schlep’m, released on Porter Records in 2010)
20. DON JUAN MATUS – Verde Nocturno / Las Horas Azules (a totally different version of the song off the album Más Allá Del Sol Poniente, previously unreleased)
21. THE FINE BLACK HARM – The Fine Black Harm (single, self-released in 2011)

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.


  1. Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

    June 30, 2011 at 11:22 am

    Love the new comp! Excellent choice of tracks.

    I re-posted on my Prog Blog.

    Thanks for sharing this great new music!

  2. Nikola Savić

    June 30, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Thanks a lot, Keith!

  3. Philippe Cote

    June 30, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Thank you so much for these compilations! I really enjoy each of them and it made me discover lots of groups (and bought many albums!). And as usual the artwork is incredible. Long live ProgSphere!

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