ProgSphere’s Progstravaganza Compilation of Awesomeness – Part 4

FUSIONTASTIC EDITION!? What is this madness. Nick gave the compilation reigns over to me this time (Dan), and I decided that, after the tremendous success of the last compilation, we would do even more bands. To think, I actually argued with him over it, saying MORE music would be daunting for people to try. We have TWENTY bands this time, with only one repeat in the form of Eyot, who was on our second compilation. Well, I take that back – we have a second repeat. There’s a bonus track HOW CAN YOU HAVE A BONUS TRACK ON THE STANDARD VERSION OF A FREE COMPILATION!? You ask politely with your capslock key activated. Well, I answer: First of all: stop yelling. Second: I dunno man, but why are you complaining about more free music? Klotet (from our first compilation) provided the bonus track, this time from their second album (the previous track was on the first). I wanted to give Klotet special status here because Pahl, the band’s guitarist, has been so totally awesome by doing all the covers of the compilations completely for free. We can’t thank him enough, but I guess this is some small way to do it.

As I said before, the music on this compilation is “fusion”. What the hell is that, you ask? Well it was originally intended to be jazz fusion, which I am a huge fan of (and currently writing a huge series of articles about, the first one of which is up). Then I decided “well, why not expand the label a bit?” So this compilation is more “prog fusion” than jazz fusion. We’ve got ethnic Indonesian jazz from simakDialog and Tohpati Ethnomission, calmer, almost ambient jazz from the Serbian Eyot, more intense, metallic jazz fusion from Karcius, Accordo Dei Contrari, Syrinx, and Lalle Larsson (from Quebec, Italy, France, and Sweden respectively). We’ve got some more experimental stuff from Moraine and The Wrong Object, some Canterbury-inspired fusion from Planeta Imaginario of Catalonia, and even some relatively funky, slightly “traditional” 70′s-style fusion from Feedback of Slovenia. This is our largest, and as a consequence, most diverse compilation yet.

This is the first of a series of theme compilations, but I had a specific purpose in mind for it. Prog rock is incredibly diverse, and as a twin to prog rock, jazz fusion is diverse as well. To display that diversity I wanted to included a lot of fusion bands that are not necessarily called “jazz”, to display the state of jazz in the 21st century. We have a huge selection of bands from around the world, all playing in radically different styles, yet I would call them all jazz for different reasons. You may decide for yourself what they are, and I’m sure some of the bands might disagree. That said, I’ll shut up so you can download the way too many hours of music we stuck onto this thing.


01. simakDialog – Tak Juah Pertama (Indonesia)

02. Brian Ellis – Gossamer (United States)

03. Moraine – Nacho Sunset (United States)

04. Syrinx – Acheiropoietes (France)

05. Slivovitz – Dammi Un Besh O (Italy)

06. Eyot – Stone Upon Stone Upon Stone (Serbia)

07. Quartet Muartet – Geometri (Turkey)

08. The Wrong Object – Lifting Belly (Belgium)

09. Accordo Dei Contrari – Kinesis (Italy)

10. Tohpati Ethnomission – Save the Planet (Indonesia)

11. Fractale – Partie XV (France)

12. D.F.A. – Baltasaurus (Italy)

13. Mahogany Frog – Lady Xoc & Shield Jaguar (Canada)

14. Mediabanda – El Largo Camino Hacia La Superacion De La Estupidez (Chile)

15. Forgas Band Phenomena – L’ Axe du Fou (excerpt) (France)

16. Planeta Imaginario – Accio Col-Lectiva (excerpt) (Spain)

17. Phlox – Siil (Estonia)

18. Lalle Larson – Beyond Shadows (Sweden)

19. Karcius – Purple King (Canada)

20. Feedback – Reci klaza! Klaza (Slovenia)

21. Klotet – Ekot Från Avgrunden (bonus track) (Sweden)


Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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