ProgSphere’s AwesomeCast: Episode 12 – 2011 Year in Review: xCeptional

The final podcast in ProgSphere’s December series of AwesomeCasts has arrived and by this we round the story of the best 100 albums released in 2011. This episode is called xCeptional, meaning that this podcast doesn’t cover any particular genre subcategory. I covered everything from metal to psychedelic rock to progressive to fusion jazz and electronic, making this AwesomeCast being the most eclectic.

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The complete tracklist is below and I won’t spend the words and waste your time who did what, the choice has been made and all you have to do is to enjoy or complain about it. Concerning Prog Sphere, the only thing that remains is the 8th edition of Progstravaganza series of compilation, which comes tomorrow and that would be all from us (me in particular) in more than successful 2011.

I will keep on doing AwesomeCasts in 2012 as well, and what I have planned for the first podcast in the year of the apocalypse is selecting 60′s/70′s obscure various rock/pop bands, ripping some of the vinyls from my home collection. Hope you like the idea.

Thanks to everybody out there who listened our podcasts, downloaded our compilations, read our interviews or reviews or specials, or even stubled upon our website from any reasons in 2011 – we wish you very happy new year and many yet to come.

See you in 2012!


01. Bob Wayne – Road Bound (taken from Outlaw Carnie)
02. Jeremy Irons & Ratgang Malibus – Bloom (taken from Bloom)
03. Serious Beak – Han (taken from Huxwhukw)
04. Hexvessel - The Death Knell Tolls (taken from Dawnbearer)
05. Marbin - Burning Match (taken from Breaking the Cycle)
06. Hammers of Misfortune – 17th Street (taken from 17th Street)
07. Six Organs of Admittance – Above a Desert I’ve Ever Seen (taken from Asleep on the Floodplain)
08. Devin Townsend Project – Heart Baby (taken from Ghost)
09. Russian Circles – 309 (taken from Empros)
10. DeWolff - Everything Everywhere (taken from Orchards/Lupine)
11. Demonic Death Judge – The Descent (taken from The Descent)
12. Graveyard - Hisingen Blues (taken from Hisingen Blues)
13. Pater Nembrot – H.A.A.R.P. (taken from Sequoia Seeds)
14. Pain of Salvation – The Deeper Cut (taken from Road Salt 2)
15. Mastodon - Dry Bone Valley (taken from The Hunter)
16. Textures - Singularity (taken from Dualism)
17. The Sade – Deaf Love (taken from Damned Love)
18. Zombi - Shrunken Heads (taken from Escape Velocity)
19. Von Hertzen Brothers – Voices in our Heads (taken from Stars Aligned)
20. Pain - Crawling Thru Bitterness (taken from You Only Live Twice)

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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