ProgSphere’s AwesomeCast: Episode 11 – 2011 Year in Review: Psyched Out, Thru Space

The time has come for another one of the series of ProgSphere’s December AwesomeCasts. This time we give you another 20 bands, all from the genre of psychedelic/space rock. The songs included are all part of albums that delivered something new and different in the understanding of these great genres in 2011.

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After 2010′s debut, My Brother the Wind recorded another gem of psychedelic music, but they do not try to alter their efforts to deepen their sound towards a more progressive pattern. Causa Sui and Øresund Space Collective came up with two and three albums, respectively and it was really hard to pick up a single piece for this podcast. Temple of the Smoke, The Re-Stoned , The :Egocentrics, led by Croatian Seven That Spells showed that psychedelic rock mixed with a variety of other elements (especially Temple of the Smoke) is not a long-forgotten term in Eastern Europe. A real refreshment comes into the shape of Bordeaux’s Mars Red Sky, whose juxtaposition of psychedelia and stoner made a real boom on the scene.

Anyway, I am sure the choice made here is good and that everyone might find something interesting for their own pleasure. So don’t hesitate to hit play on the player above. Next episode of the ProgSphere’s AwesomeCast comes on 29th December and is titled “xCeptional“. Stay tuned!


01. The Psychic Paramount – RW (taken from II)
02. My Brother the Wind – Fire! Fire!! (taken from I Wash My Soul in the Stream of Infinity)
03. Tia Carrera – Sand, Stone and Pearl (taken from Cosmic Priestess)
04. Grails – Future Primitive (taken from Deep Politics)
05. Sungrazer – Mirador (taken from Mirador)
06. Monkey3 – Through the Desert (taken from Beyond the Black Sky)
07. White Hills – No Other Way (taken from H-p1)
08. Lunar Dunes – Eastern Promise (taken from Galaxsea)
09. Mars Red Sky – Way to Rome (taken from Mars Red Sky)
10. Seven That Spells – AUM (taken from The Death and Resurrection of Krautrock: AUM)
11. Karma to Burn – Forty Eight (taken from V)
12. Temple of the Smoke – Autumn World (taken from …Against Human Race)
13. Across Tundras – Shunka Sapa (taken from Sage)
14. The :Egocentrics – Off the Center (taken from Center of the Cyclone)
15. Tephra – City Immersed in Dust (taken from Tempel)
16. The Cosmic Dead – Infinite Death of The Godhead (taken from Cozmic Tape I)
17. The Re-Stoned – Analog (taken from Analog)
18. Samsara Blues Experiment – Hangin’ on the Wire (taken from Revelation & Mystery)
19. Causa Sui – Pewt’r Wozniacki (taken from Pewt’r Sessions I)
20. Øresund Space Collective – Space Jazz 2.2 (taken from Dead Man in Space)

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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