ProgSphere’s AwesomeCast: Episode 09 – 2011 Year in Review – Doomed, Stoned & Twisted

The second podcast in our series of AwesomeCasts which highlight the best records released in 2011 is named “Doomed, Stoned & Twisted”. As you might guess, this one deals with doom and stoner music. Twisted comes as a “label” which dwells between these two familiar (but not identical) subgenres.

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So what you get here is another 20 bands with 20 songs taken from 20 albums I consider among the best releases of the year. That being said, you’ll find a few choices you might really trust such as YOB, Premonition 13 (featuring Scott Wino), Crowbar, Black Pyramid and Weedeater wrapped up with newcomers Dark Castle, Skraeckoedlan + many more.

In case you missed to know about the ProgSphere’s December series of podcasts, here is the full schedule:

December 1st – “All About Prog”
December 8th – “Doomed, Stoned & Twisted”
December 15th – “The Darkest Side of Prog”
December 22nd – “Psyched Out, Through Space”
December 29th – “xCeptional”

As it’s shown above, the main theme of the next AwesomeCast will be dealing with the bands which explore the term progressive beyond the limits of extreme and dark.

Until the next week, enjoy while being doomed, stoned & twisted!


01. Lo-PanEl Dorado (taken from Salvador, Small Stone Records)
02. The Gates of SlumberBastards Son (taken from Wretch, Rise Above Records)
03. Premonition 13Clay Pigeons (taken from 13, Volcom)
04. Black PyramidMacedonia (taken from Stormbringer, Hydro-Phonic Records)
05. Sourvein - Holy Transfusion (taken from Black Fangs, Candlelight Records)
06. Ponamero SundownEvil Wand (taken from Rodeo Electrica, Transubstans Records)
07. A Storm of LightMissing (taken from As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade, Profound Lore)
08. Bruce LamontOne Who Stands on the Earth (taken from Feral Songs for the Epic Decline, At A Loss Recordings)
09. The Quill - Sleeping With Your Enemy (taken from Full Circle, Metalville)
10. Ramesses - Towers of Silence (taken from Possessed by the Rise of Magik, Ritual Productions)
11. Arenna - Receiving the Liquid Writings (taken from Beats of Olarizu, Nasoni)
12. Totimoshi - Avenger (taken from Avenger, At a Loss Recordings)
13. Skraeckoedlan - Äppelträdet (taken from Äppelträdet, Transubstans Records)
14. Without GodSpace Weed (taken from Lambs to the Slaughter, RAIG)
15. Enoch - Infinity (taken from The Hierophant, RAIG)
16. Weedeater - Long Gone (taken from Jason… The Dragon, Southern Lord)
17. Dopethrone - Tap Runner (taken from Dark Foil, self-released)
18. Crowbar - Let Me Mourn (taken from Sever the Wicked Hand, E1 Music)
19. Dark CastleSurrender to All Life Beyond Form (taken from Surrender to All Life Beyond Form, Profound Lore)
20. YOB - Adrift in the Ocean (taken from Atma, Profound Lore)
Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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