ProgSphere’s AwesomeCast: Episode 19 – A Guide to the 1970s Psychedelia

photo: Jaak Geebelen

There is one sure thing about the Anekdoten‘s Nicklas Barker. He knows about music. Being involved in pretty colorful genre specter, ranging from the avant-garde progressive rock with experimental leanings of aforementioned Anekdoten to instrumental psychedelia of My Brother the Wind to the horror soundtrack of Morte Macabre, Barker is a skillful craftsman. Having written the OST for the Spanish movie El Ultimo Fin de Semana has polished his musical visions, shaping his work as the gem of inestimable value.

We brought Nicklas in to be the track selector of this AwesomeCast. And here is his choice:

Welcome to this podacast that will feature some of the vinyls I’m spinning now.

1. Hairy Chapter – There’s a kind of nothing
Unsung guitar hero Harry Titlbach kicks of this amazing track. Awesome bass and drum work too. Great wild production by legend Dieter Dirks. Recorded loud to be played loud!

2. May Blitz – For mad men only
Took sone years before I really enjoyed this track but one day the code was cracked. Totally stoned fuzz galore. Amazing drumming by Tony Newman of Hollies and Jeff Beck fame.

3. Master’s Apprentices – Death Of A King
One of the greater tracks by these Australian legends! The sound & the heaviness on this one is out of this world!

4. Barış Manço – Ölüm Allahın Emri
Obscure 7″ released in ca 1971. Traditional turkish instruments blended with the groove and heaviness of Black Sabbath. RAD!!!!

5. Affinity – Yes man (demo)
This unreleased demo kills everything on the album. A bomb!

6. Mu – Nobody wants to shine
The band MU was formed in 1969 when Merrell Fankhauser teamed up with Jeff Cotton of Captain Beefheart’s band. Totally unique playing!!

7. Stalk-Forrest Group – Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy
Pre Blue Öyster Cult. Great great guitars by Bick Dharma.

8. Buffalo – Freedom
No presentation needed here. One of the greatest hard rock bands of all time. The guitars & vocals kicks butt! Potent!!

9. After All – Intangible She
Obscure american band. Rare as hens teeth. Sublime lush prog at its best!

10. Aerovons – World of you
These cat’s wrote and recorded this masterpiece at 17 years of age. Produced by Alan Parson in 1969 at Abbey Road. Surreal! One of the greatest songs ever!!

11. Arzachel – Garden of early delights
Formed by Dave Stewart & Steve Hillage. One of the greatest psych albums made.

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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