My Musical Future

For my first blog I thought it would be interesting to share some of my future plans. It’s a rather self indulgent topic, but then again, this is a personal blog so I guess it makes sense. Especially since my departure from Cynic, all options were open. Cynic was as much of a full time commitment as a band gets so not being a part of that leaves me with a lot of time on my hands. The first obvious thing to do was bringing back Exivious, but besides that, I have three really exciting but different projects lined up!


Exivious is finally going to be an active band! As much as we wanted to get gigs happening, write new music, give it the attention it deserved, we just couldn’t due to other commitments. Time to change that! Touring plans are in the works, the writing process for a 2nd album has started and we can’t wait to go out and share our music with the world in a live context! This band will have my full priority, as I always intended.


A new band consisting out of Bart Hennephof (Textures) on guitars and vocals, Yuma van Eekelen (Pestilence / The New Dominion) on drums, Robin Zielhorst (Exivious / ex-Cynic) on bass and me on guitars and vocals as well. A hell of a lineup if you ask me! First priority: recording an album, a bone crushingly heavy, intense, dark and very atmospheric album. This project was born for two reasons. The first being we knew we wanted to put our musicial minds together and creative something awesome, the 2nd being I always wanted to release a really heavy album. All 4 of us come from an extreme metal background but at the same time we all grew into many different styles of music. And for me personally, I never released anything as heavy as where my musical roots are. I’ve always wanted to do something like that but the circumstances had to be right, I feel with HEKZ they are. The challenge with this project is to combine musical depth and intelligence with heavyness!

Tymon & Noora

Obviously, this project still needs a name. It’s basically a collaboration between Noora Häkkinen and me. Noora is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter who plays piano as well. She composes and records her own albums at home, in Finland, under the name Noradrenaline. I stumbled on her about 2 years ago when I was searching for a singer for Exivious album 2. While we decided to keep Exivious all instrumental, Noora and I kept in touch and we would now like to find out where a collaboration would take us. Like me, Noora has a very distinct approach to music which is very much her own. I suspect our musical voices will bring something really special when being combined. Stylistically it could go anywhere really, we both love so many different kinds of music, we’ll just start working and see where we end up. One thing I know for sure, our music is going to be a nuclear explosion of emotions. Looking very much forward to start working on this album!

Ambient Project

Again, a project that still needs a serious name. With this project I plan on writing a very different kind of album than most would expect from me. Very much sound based as opposed to the way I usually compose, which is note based. I intend to mainly work alone on this project but also having some friends contribute parts here and there. Some keywords: airy, light, hypnotic, spacey, floating… but of course all with a typical twist in there that will make it a little more complex than your usual ambient album. It’s not that complexity is a prerequisite for me in music, I just think I’m not very good at writing simple music. All in all, another project I really look forward to realizing!

So for everyone who assumed to not hear from me again after my departure from Cynic, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I plan on being more productive than ever before!

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