A Sweet Metal Album You Probably Haven’t Heard – Part One

Yearning was a band from Finland that played, especially on this album, a very original and progressive style of atmospheric doom metal. To this day, I have yet to hear an album that sounds anything like it.

I’m not too familiar with the rest of their discography, but I remember that “Plaintive Scenes” really stood out as being unique, whereas the record preceding it was a bit more traditional and the ones after drifted into some more gothic and slightly queer musical territories, as I remember.

“Plaintive Scenes,” while maintaining its doomy core, included a lot of progressive elements and fairly virtuosic playing, especially for a doom band. Lush keyboards and orchestration, deep evil growling and manly melodic singing rounded out their sound, which as I stated previously, was pretty one of a kind.

Last I heard, the dude who was the main songwriter offed himself recently, which seems to be a common thing for Finnish people to do at some point or another.

A very cool band, found on a short list of metal bands from Finland that you shouldn’t be embarrassed of liking.

Anyway, this album came out in 1999 on Holy Records and you should check it out, here’s a track to dig on.

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