A Sweet Metal Album You Probably Haven’t Heard – Part Four

Boston natives, I believe, Event were a really cool and very under-appreciated progressive metal band.

The funny thing here is the closed-mindedness of the progressive metal fans having a lot to do with the fact that this band never got any recognition, since to most of this ilk, being a prog band doesn’t involve actually being progressive, but rather, sounding like Dream Theater as much as possible.

I remember seeing them way back in 2001 or 2002 open up for Symphony X at the old L’amour in Brooklyn and they almost got booed off the stage by the meatheads in the crowd, which just goes to show that people at a so-called “progressive” metal show can be just as stupid as the average Slayer ‘tard.

Just like many young dork aspiring musicians in the late 90s, they are all Berklee grads, taking their cues from the mighty Dream Theater, who of course, all met at this prestigious music college.

Their first album was actually very much Dream Theater worship, which is probably how they got the attention of the prog community.

However, this, their second album “Human Condition,” was a step in a much different direction.

The brains behind the band was diminutive guitarist Shaun Michaud, who plays guitar and also does the programming and electronics, which there are a lot of on this album (and the next) and which is what gave the band their very distinctive sound.

Also, opting for a more masculine singing approach, new singer Dave Deluco stepped in on “Human Condition,” who had a more subdued and modern vocal style that didn’t really resemble the high-pitched wails and over-emphasized vibrato that most progressive metal singers had to have, which immediately made him a “grunge” singer to these progressive fans you spent their time on Queensryche message boards arguing over the highest note Geoff Tate ever hit and whether it was falsetto or full voice.

Event had very complex riffs, but they grooved, despite the odd time-signatures, and they stayed mid-tempo and just generally really grooved hard for most of the album. Combine with the electronics and the “grungy” vocals, they must have known that their fan base from the first album would not be appreciating this progression. Which makes it that much cooler that they decided to go in this direction, alienating the small number of fans that they had in this already miniscule micro-genre of metal.

I might also mention that Shaun did not solo often, but when he did, he played some of the most brilliantly crafted solos I have ever heard. I also saw Shaun play guitars and keyboards for Fates Warning on their “Disconnected” tour, so even though Event never took off, I’m glad that he at least got to tour around a bit with a seminal band like Fates Warning, who obviously recognized his talent.

“Human Condition” came out in 2001 on Inside Out Records, and they might still have some in stock, you never know.

In the end, this album is really hard to describe, just check it out, here’s a song from it.

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