Ysma – Vagrant


Ysma is an interesting instrumental progressive rock band with metal edge coming out of Münster, Germany. They are interesting too for being one of the bands off the Progstravaganza 13 sampler (to be released in late July).

Tons of different moments make up Vagrant, starting from atmospheric parts over to acoustic passages to real prog metal rocking (see what I did here?). I would definitely praise the riffwork handcrafted by Daniel Kluger and Fabian Schroer. Rhythm section, Torge Dellert and Jens Milo, give additional depth to the album’s structure.

Vagrant shows off that there is a lot of potential behind these guys, but also a lot of space for improvement. Definitely one of the bands to be kept under your radars.

Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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