The Vespertines – One Last Time Around the Equator

It’s the fact that our forum is becoming a pretty reliable source for everyone who is interested to discover new bands and free from every limitations, you can certainly find something that will get your attention.

This morning I got myself introduced to an interesting act coming from Long Beach, California. The band is called The Vespertines and the music they create is adorned by the term “laid-back”. Indeed, their laid back blues wrapped up by laid back classic rock and laid-back psychedelia is fascinating on a 10-track selection of songs called One Last Time Around the Equator.

Although everything in the mix is of equal quality, albeit Vanessa Acosta is the particular segment which makes this piece that effective. While the rest of the team, comprised of Kyle Cavaness on bass, Hutch on guitar and Chet on drums are having the leaves into the improvisation, Vanessa is holding the pace by playing on her attractive voice.

Their tendency to go from a heavy psychedelia to jazz and funk to classic rock never comes by force, this album is spontaneous from its opener Trigger down to Triectoid.

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