Nicklas Barker – El Ultimo Fin De Semana

Should I introduce you at all who is Nicklas Barker? Instead I may tell that he is already an established name in progressive rock circles as the man has been around since the early 90′s, mostly known by being a founder of highly appreciated Swedish band called Anekdoten. Since 2010, he has been involved in a psychedelic rock project named My Brother the Wind and their debut called Twilight in the Crystal Cabinet was released the same year. Besides Anekdoten and My Brother the Wind, Nicklas was a part of a project known as Morte Macabre (also featured Peter Nordins, Stefan Dimle (ex-Paatos, ex-Landberk) and Reine Fiske (Dungen, ex-Landberk) with whom he recorded an album titled Symphonic Holocaust, covering the themes from the horror movies, such as Cannibal Holocaust and Rosemary’s Baby.

And actually this project is mostly related for this post. Namely, Nicklas wrote a score for a Spanish horror movie El Ultimo Fin De Semana (Our Last Weekend) directed by Norberto Ramos del Val. Knowing that Nicklas is a fan of horror movies, this soundtrack sounds pretty refreshing in a lethargic ocean of horror soundtracks (films). I guess that no many horror OST composers use mellotron in reaching the needed creepiness. It’s tense, dark, majestic, progressive, it’s horror and it’s more than good. Don’t forget to turn off the lights.

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