New Year’s Eve Bandcamp Recommendations

Bandcamp recommendations

If you, by any chance, decided to spend the New Year’s Eve online, we suggest you to head over to Bandcamp and dig. But if you find it boring, here I have few albums already dug out. Staying in is a new getting out.

Allochiria – Omonoia

This one comes still hot, as I’ve discovered it recently. This album is yet to be released (on January 4th, 2014) and it brings some really nice post-rock/sludge sound. Judging by the visual segment of the album (cover art and packaging), it looks really nice, so if you are in physical copies – get it before it runs out.

Varego – Blindness of the Sun

If you think that atmospheric post-progressive-sludge metal is a description that fits well somewhere in your music vocabulary, then you have to check this one out.

Deformica – Deformica

I had this one in the queue for some time now, but didn’t really mind to update the Bandcamp undercover section until having few records to recommend. So here it is. Released this year, these Argentines bring high class prog-fusion rock.

Antimateria – Nomeacuerdo

Same as Deformica’s self-titled album, Antimateria’s Nomeacuerdo ended on my list of the albums that I enjoyed mostly throughout 2013. Costa Ricans made a great debut with Nomeacuerdo, mixing progressive with jazz rock. For the fans ranging from Frank Zappa to King Crimson and anything else in between.

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