Bandcamp Undercover: Heyoka’s Mirror – Loss of Contact with Reality

Heyoka's Mirror - Loss of Contact with Reality

Enjoying their launch to orbit, Calgary progressive metal trio Heyoka’s Mirror released Loss of Contact with Reality as an concept album dealing with the story of Mr. Loomis, who is blinded by greed and power. It’s a short one, but even with a 30-minute running time, the EP cobbles together enough intricate twists and turns that it feels massive, and each of the three songs is an epic journey in precision.

The concept plays out very well with the music, combining wild signatures, scales, drastic genre shifts from one minute to the next, and syrupy vocals that erupt into roars. More than three songs of this caliber would be exhausting, so an intermission to break up this prog-metal opera feels necessary. The trio is at the top of their game, and couldn’t seem much more adventurous on their instruments as they interweave virtuoso parts that barely seem humanly possible. Meanwhile, the dynamic production courtesy of the band’s own Andrew Balboa and Omar Sultan is perfectly suited, and only enhances the band’s ever-intensifying talents. TesseracT’s Acle Kahney has done a wonderful job with the master, making for an overall very satisfying listening experience.

Highly recommendable!

Heyoka’s Mirror is:

Andrew Balboa - vocals, keyboards and rhythm guitars
Omar Sultan – guitars
Bayan Sharafi – drums




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