Discover REGAL WORM’s “Use and Ornament”

Regal Worm

Jarrod Gosling (Henry Fool, I Monster, Skywatchers) has kicked off another project in December 2013 called Regal Worm. Use and Ornament was released through Quatermass Records and is available via Burning Shed and on Bandcamp. The press release reads:

This album is the culmination of months of fevered work in Jarrod’s “Pig View” studio beavering away on dangerous vintage machinery (including his prized Mellotron M400), to bring Prog Fans a highly detailed but accessible and colourful music, mixing prog, jazz, and folk genres with an anarchic post–punk strand and sensibility.

The emergence of The Worm from the Apple of Invention is already causing ripples in the fabric of the music world, with plays on BBC6 Music’s Stuart Maconie’s FreakZone and other radio stations worldwide. Fans of anarcho-jazz-punk psychedelic prog the world over will be able join in the fun now the album is for sale via Burning Shed for physical CD’s and Bandcamp for digital downloads.

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