Bruce Lamont – Feral Songs for the Epic Decline

This album is the latest revelation of mine, I actually discovered it today accidentally (or not) by checking the website of a graphic designer Seldon Hunt. The name of Bruce Lamont is not a total unknown for me, as I am already familiar with his main project, an experimental/jazz/progressive metal outfit Yakuza. Bruce is a multi-instrumentalist who explores the musical diversity and Feral Songs for the Epic Decline is his first full-length solo effort.

Lamont’s solo work takes the listener through tracks of dark Americana intermixed with loops, noise and drone. Acoustic guitar and clean vocals lead to trancelike tribal rhythms, with the sounds of tenor sax flowing over it all. Tribal rhythms lead to grating noise and anguished wails. Erie loops punctuated with Lamont’s accusing voice pass to settling ambient conclusion. Grating noise builds to industrial soundscapes. Tenor flows over baritone sax drones, loops and builds with chilling wails.
Bruce continues to perform his solo material live with all instrumentation provided by himself only. In recent years he’s performed alongside countless musicians, some of which include Scott Kelly (Neurosis, Shrinebuilder), Battles, John Cale (Velvet Underground) Toby Driver (Kayo Dot), OM, Daniel Higgs (Lungfish), Lichens.

Bruce Lamont “Feral Songs For The Epic Decline” by At A Loss Recordings

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