[Bandcamp Undercover] Before Us All – Deception

Before Us All

Like so many other bands in metalcore, Austria’s Before Us All works the progressive element into their sound by contrasting heavy and light sounds with each other. For instance, it is no surprise here to have a sombre guitar interlude be paired up with a crushing breakdown, or vicious shredfest. The dynamic thing rarely gives Before Us All the semblance of an original act, but the way in which they do this is well worth looking into. Each of 11 songs is diverse and constantly changing, switching things up even within the constraint of metal. All of this is played with technical precision that goes well beyond the age of the band.

The definitive highlights of Deception include “Confessions,” “On Our Own,” “Hate World,” and closing “Psychopath.”

A very good debut from Before Us All overall, and a band to hold under one’s radar.

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