Bandcamp undercover: Drummond – Getting Comfortable

Drummond - Getting Comfortable

Instrumental prog mixed with jazz fusion is not exactly everyone’s idea of an ideal Saturday night, but guitarist and composer Drummond has taken the concept to unique places while incorporating influences from forefathers Pat Metheny and Allan Holdsworth and the modern-day progressive rock. Getting Comfortable is a debut EP release of Drummond who is accompanied by bassist Eugene Bisdikian and drummer Thomas Diognardi forming the core trio. However, the four track EP also includes guest appearances from guitarists Sithu Aye and Alex Frondelli, and vocalist Sara Donnellan.

Drummond might actually be closest to Plini, both artists sharing a real fondness for melody, even though I can find Plini’s music edgier. Having said that, if you like instrumental music without so much calculating and which is listenable and original, you may wanna check this out.


01. New Paint
02. Getting Comfortable
03. Second Self
04. Ecotone (feat. Sithu Aye)


* Drummond – guitar
* Eugene Bisdikian – bass
* Thomas Diognardi – drums


* Sithu Aye – guitar (Ecotone)
* Alex Frondelli – guitar (Getting Comfortable)
* Sara Donnellan – vocals (Ecotone)


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