DUSKS EMBRACE (Progressive Metal, Salem)

DUSKS EMBRACE Announce New Album "ReAwakening" for This Fall

Dusks Embrace is a progressive band from Salem, Oregon. Since the bands inception eight years ago we have released three full length records, two ep’s and many singles and various online content. The band was formed by primary songwriter Josh Brewer. His restless attitude has constantly driven the band to never stagnate musically. The band draws inspiration from acts ranging from the harshest of death metal to Michael Buble, Kendrick Lamar and everything in between.

The new record “ReAwakening” is set to be released this fall. This album will be a milestone for the band in many ways. This record introduces a new vocalist, Aldo Arevalo, as well as a whole new sonic palette for the band. This record is the coalescence of years spent working on various metal, EDM, electronic and video game style music. The wide range of influences have led this record to be as much of a sonic journey as well as a musical one. Not content to follow in the trend of chugging metal, Dusks Embrace have worked to create a record that is strong in songwriting as well as sonic direction. The atmosphere of the synthesizers and catchy melodies along with a focus on songs over technicality will be a breath of fresh air in the sometimes stagnate world of progressive music.

The band is comprised of Aldo Arevalo on lead vocals, Josh Brewer on guitar, keys and vocals, Michael Daniel on Bass and Liam Manley on Drums. The members all came together after working together for years in various other projects and in music retail. Every member of the band has independently released material, played in successful bands and has a strong individual online presence to in addition to a strong band presence. Together this lineup promises a strong live presence as well as new material to come in the near future that will defy all barriers of what preceded it.

Dusks Embrace is a band that will soon define a movement. One that focuses on being able to write catchy, musically and sonically dense music that still plays on enough pop sensibilities to keep people coming back for more. The band is a shining example of the ability of independent artists in the modern age to push boundaries musically and independently release professional quality material.







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